Fall Tablescape and Dining Room

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I can't believe Halloween is over! You know what that means? Christmas music will be playing on some radio stations. Beware :) I'm not really one to get into the Christmas spirit until after Thanksgiving. I kind of like to keep my holidays separate. Although when Thanksgiving and Christmas are combined it seems like a whole month of Christmas, so you have that.

Anyway. I finally changed my table decor after about a year or so of the same thing. Well, not quite the same thing, but the big lantern that used to be on top of it was there for a year so it pretty much looked the same in general, just with different decorations around it
Dining Room Design
But now that that big lantern is out on the porch, I have a little more wiggle room with my table :)

I decided to do all white for the fall theme this year in here.
White Fall Decorating Ideas

I got these pumpkins from wally world. They were a horrible orange. I just painted them and added some jute to the stems.
White Fall Decorating Ideas

I then placed them on top of a plate which is on top of an upside down bowl. Easiest pedestal ever :)
White Fall Decorating Ideas

I like the whimsy of glass and white together, so I decided to add some mason jars with hydrangeas and just some empty bottles.

As for the table runner...that's just three cedar planks painted white :)
White Fall Decorating Ideas

I may or may not have too many cedar planks in this room now...the wall...
White Fall Tablescape

the mirror...
shabby chic door mirror

and now the table runner :)

I also changed out my chairs. I am really asking for it since they are all cotton white. I probably should scotch guard them soon before I really regret it. But so far, the only one who has had any trouble is me :) So...at least I haven't had to yell at anyone else about getting them dirty. Isn't that funny how that works? If the hubs got the spaghetti sauce on his, I would have been furious and not let him forget about for days..probably weeks. But then I do it, and I'm like "oops". lol
These chairs are the Henriksdal chair from Ikea. At least the covers are only $9 so if they get really bad, it won't cost too much to replace them.

As for the wooden terrarium, I've had this for ages, but you can find one similar here on Amazon.

Either way, I love the way this looks and I'm sure my guests will appreciate not having to stare at each other through the glass of the big lantern. And luckily Christmas can be easily incorporated once Thanksgiving is done.

Happy November!!...yep, you heard me. It's November 1st. Crazy huh?


  1. Awesome dining room .... I just love it.
    Well done!

  2. Just lovely! Visiting from I heart naptime linky :)
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    http://kraftmint.com {modern crafts}

  3. I like it. It is good to keep the tabletop and the dining room beautiful always.


happy DIYing! Alicia