Halloween Front Porch And Decorating Ideas

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I finally decorated for Halloween. Yes. Just barely. I know I know...Halloween is only 5 days away, but hey, at least I did it :) My neighbors had their Halloween decorations up since the end of September. The way that I see it is that's just more opportunity for the wind to ruin the cobwebs :) Now you look at my cobwebs, and they are perfect (ish....besides user error of course)...see, so maybe just waiting until the last minute is a good thing.

This new porch decor and bench were perfect to string the cobwebs about. In years past, I had the cobwebs practically cover my door, so you had to duck to get into the door...so I figured I would be nice this year and not have it cover so much, It's definitely not as spooky though.
Halloween Front Porch

 I bought some little spiders years and years ago and use them every Halloween. I put them on my pumpkins with some sticky dots and hang them all in the cobwebs.
Halloween Decorating Ideas
 I got these mice from Target for about $5 I believe. They are vinyl cutouts that come in a sheet of about 10 or so. They don't really stay on the concrete, and I'm sure through the first rain or snow that we are expecting they will come off...so I'm just going to secure them with some sticky dots.
Halloween Decorating Ideas
 I always thinks it's fun to put a spider on the door knob. It probably never fools and scares anyone, but I love thinking that it just might :)
Halloween Decorating Ideas
 And the lanterns.... :) I love my lanterns. I got this one from Hobby Lobby last year, you can get one here similar on Amazon. Once Halloween comes, I'll probably put out a whole lot more lanterns cuz I love the look without the porch light on. Just a tiny bit more eerie. I should probably invest in some fake candles...then I don't have to worry about them burning down or out...or wasting my good candles...
Halloween Decorating Ideas
 I have these two weird little spots on the side of the steps that don't have any plants, so I like to put graves there. This year I only did one. I just cut the ends off of some old jeans, used some old shoes, piled a mound of dirt on it...and boom! Insta grave. I put a mouse hole and mouse there too.
Halloween Decorating Ideas
 I love the way this turned out. Not too spooky..probably not spooky at all...but still festive :) I have some flying ghouls that are hanging from the garage that may or may not make their appearance on this porch by Halloween time. We'll see :)
Halloween Porch
Am I the only one that waits so late to decorate for Halloween??

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  1. haha! I LOVE the jeans and shoes coming up out of the grave. :) And no, you aren't the only one; I just realized halloween is this week, dangit. Where has October gone??

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one :) I can't believe we'll be decorating for Christmas in a month!!

  2. All these Halloween ideas are beautiful and creative. Before 3 days, I am seeking some creative ideas that could help me in my home decoration. Thanks for sharing such beautiful post.


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