Monday, December 17, 2012

Quick Tip: Solution For Hanging Lots Of Stockings

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Hanging Multiple Stockings
Here's just a quick tip on how to hang your stockings, especially if you are like me and have 3 stocking holders with more than 3 stockings. I've contemplated bringing out my other stocking holders, but they didn't match. I could have done every other one, but I think that would only look good if you had an odd number, and currently, i have an even :) I then thought about hanging Max's stocking on the shelves to the right of my mantel, but then I felt like I was ousting him before the baby has even made its appearance, and of course, that made me feel terribly bad. I love my mutt too much to oust him :)

Then I went to my friends house last week and saw this idea on her mantel. She has 7 stockings, so I guess when you need that many, you find ways to make them work :) I'm not sure where she got the idea or if it's an original. But I thought it was genius!

Just get a curtain rod, place it on top of your stocking hangers, string your stockings, and there you have it!
Hanging Stockings
Now you can hang as many as you wish!