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Stocking Tag
 This may seem pathetic, but I just got around to buying Christmas presents :) I'm usually done shopping in November, but alas, I have just started and Christmas is barely a week away lol. But at least I have a lot of Christmas projects around the house done and out of the way :) ...and the nursery is done. So I figure not having any Christmas presents isn't such  a bad thing...just a little bit of a stressful thing ;)

Well, now that I have my stockings all ready for the new babe and the rest of the fam, I figure I need to find a way to deliniate whose is whose. Not that it matters really, but I thought it would be fun. I'm sure Max won't care that his 'tag' is on a different stocking than the babes...or even ours. I think he figures that we are buying all this new stuff for him anyway. Poor pup :( I'm not sure how I'm going to get him to understand his toys are different than the baby's toys. Anywho.

This is a really simple project. All you need are chipwood cutouts of different things or letters (I found mine at Hobby Lobby), paint, glue, glitter, and clips.
 First step: Paint.
Second step: Brush glue on the dried surface and then sprinkle glitter on it. Press the glitter into the glue gently.
Stocking Labels
Third Step: Hot glue the clip too the back.
 And done :) Super easy. I figure it's Friday, so it's fun having a super easy craft to celebrate.
I love this little dog one. The hubs got a moose, I got a flower, and the babe got teddy bear.
DIY Stocking Tags
 I know I only have three here, but I finally figured out what to do to hang the fourth stocking, which will come as a quick tip in the next post!
Stocking Tags
Hope you all have a great weekend!


happy DIYing! Alicia