Thursday, December 20, 2012

Home for the Holidays: Dining Room

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 We're only a few days away from Christmas! I would usually say that time flies, but this year around, this December has been the longest December on record. Especially this past week. I'm eager to get this baby out of me before Christmas :) I just finished running two miles in hopes that that will do something lol. Of course, I've been running this whole pregnancy, so I'm not sure if it will really do anything or maybe prolong something for all I know. Here's to hoping and wishing!!
 Since my focus has mainly been 'baby', I've been a little lazy for Christmas this year. I just barely got around to decorating our dining room. I decided to go with a white, gold and burnt orange theme. My most favorite part sadly isn't even on the table :) It's the faux sheepskin furs on the bench. I just love the warmth they bring :)
 For the center piece, I used a large lantern and put some white glittery sprays on it. I also used glass bottles to bring a little shine.
 For the place settings, I used my go-to decor of adding ornaments to the top bowl. I love this look. And it's super easy to just place a name card right in the middle :)
I think for the colors, this tablescape would have worked perfectly as a transition from Thanksgiving to Christmas....if only I had done it weeks ago ;) lol

Here's to hoping next time I see ya' I'll have a baby on my hip!!! Happy Holidays :)