Thursday, December 27, 2012

Hanging Fabric Pom Pom Balls

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Hanging Fabric Pom Pom Balls
 Hey all! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas :) Ours was busy visiting family and crossing our fingers hoping the baby wouldn't come lol. And...well, I'm still with child, in my belly, so that will tell you how things went. It's been snowing like crazy around here, so the way I figure it, this little baby hates snow just as much as mom and doesn't want to make an appearance until it's all gone :) Let's just hope it's before the new year! lol.

So, when decorating the nursery, I wanted to do somewhat of a handmade mobile, but since I have a mobile, I just needed something to take up space in a corner instead. You can say this is a mobile, but it's really just decoration :) When I started this idea, I did the tissue paper pom poms which I wasn't a fan of. It looked too cheap and not soft enough. And since I've been making a ton of headbands and bows and what not (my neighbors and friends and even family are all pregnant at the same time with me and are having all girls..for the most part :) ), I decided to incorporate the idea of one of the flowers into make a fabric pom pom ball. It's really easy. Here's what you need:
  • Foam Balls (I got a pack of 6 or so varying sizes at walmart for about $5)
  • Fabric (I chose flanel for the pink and soft felt for the grey and white)
  • Hot glue
  • String and needle if you want to hang them.
Step 1: Take the fabric and cut a lot of pieces into same sized circles. For the circle size, I kind of made them about the same size of the diameter of the ball. The amount of circles you need will depend on the size of the ball.

Step 2: Take one circle. Fold it in half. Put a small amount of glue in the middle, and then fold in half again.
 It should be like this, quartered:
 Step 3: Place a good amount of hot glue on the bottom point, and then press onto the ball.
 Repeat this over and over again with all the fabric circles. I first followed the circumference of the ball...
 And then filled in each side. Just start gluing, there's really no science to it. Just try to get rid of all of the bare spots.
 Step 4: Take your string and needle and send it through one of the fabric pieces. Make the string as long as you want it to hang from the ceiling, and then tie a knot at one end so the string won't go through the fabric. Hang the top piece either with tape or a tack.
 And there you have it. I found that felt works the best for this. It gives an even edge and it looks soft and fluffy.
Fabric PomPom Balls
 This pink one was done using soft flannel. It turned out beautiful also. I had to use a few more fabric pieces to cover this, but it was well worth it since I couldn't find felt in this soft pink color.
Fabric Pom Pom Ball
 I hung these at all different lengths from the ceiling. And since the foam balls came in all different sizes it gives even more interest. Plus, if you are working with a smaller ball, but you want it to be bigger, just cut your circles bigger.
Hanging Fabric PomPom Balls
Well, now you may have guessed by now what I'm having if this is my nursery :) But I may also have tricked you ;)
Hopefully next time you hear from me this sweet baby will be here!!