Thursday, December 1, 2011

My Home for the Holidays: Table Decor

Happy December! So this year, I decided to make my house a winter wonderland....except not have it freezing inside, it's like a warm winter wonderland, unless the hubs has a hand in it :) I'm using a lot of white and touches of pearl, silver, and shiny sparkly things.
The best part of this new table is the rustic-ness it naturally brings.
I decided to warm up the room with pillows and even a blanket :)  The pillows were my outdoor pillows that I covered with some $1 fabric using this tutorial :) I think layering is the best thing for a house during the cold winter months.

The pears I got from an antique shop on San Juan Island. The pitcher was  a great find from Tai Pan. I think it was about $10. It added to the rusticness :) I wanted to add some drama to the table too, so I spraypainted some old branches white and put them in the vase, then lined the the bottom with some more white berries. The branches go up as high as the chandelier. Love it :)
For the place settings, I used a simple gold charger to add just a little bit of shimmer and filled the bowls up with some ornaments. I love the way they sparkle and the juxtaposition of the glitz against the rustic.
These candles I just circled some white berry garland around them.
You can kind of see the white branches I was talking about earlier. This by far is probably one of my favorite tablescapes that I've done. Its so simple :)
Have you guys started decorating for Christmas yet? Is it sad that I had my done the Friday after Thanksgiving?? haha. I think it especially cuz I'm been stubborn about how fast the year has gone by and was trying to hang onto summer for as long as I could. I just know that if I don't have Christmas reminders everywhere, then Christmas will fly by without me even realizing. I hate when that happens! :)