Monday, November 28, 2011

My Home for the Holidays: Fireplace Mantel

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend! And I also hope that you all got your Christmas shopping done :) Goodness knows I didn't. haha. Oh well. I did get my Christmas decorating done though!
First on the list was my fireplace mantel. Initially I wanted to do an all white mantel, kind of make a wintery wonderland, but the more I looked at my decor and things I had, I decided I wanted to add some brown into it.
I decided to something a little more natural this year also with the grapevine wreaths and pine cones. I usually put a garland on the mantel, so this look is a little new to me :) I keep looking for the lights to turn them on. haha. I'll get use to it.
These pine cones, which by the way are Gigantic, I found in a bag of cinnamon pine cones. I think there were only like two other pine cones in there besides these ones, they were that big. They added the perfect amount of texture and nature into the mantel....oh and the smell of cinnamon is a plus :)
And tradition has kept up this year. We put up (as in I put up) all the decorations on Thanksgiving night with the hubs only helping to bring up the tree :) Don't you love traditions? haha. JK. In reality....even if he tried to help, I would probably make him stop. I just like giving him a hard time :)