My Living Room

Holy cow, can you believe its Thanksgiving in just a few days??? Where does all the time go? Well because of this loss of time and being that Thanksgiving is around the corner, that means that I'll be starting to decorate the house in full holiday style :) Its tradition for us not to put anything 'christmassy' up until Thanksgiving night. And by us....I mean that means the husband won't let me and all he has to do in this 'decorating' process is bring up the tree from the basement.Anywho...

So to commemorate my living room before it gets transformed, this post is for it :) haha. Just kidding. Its for me to remember how it was decorated before it got all changed and moved around and glitter'fied...maybe that won't happen so much this year...but you never know :)
 Do you ever see the pictures in the magazines where they have the dogs just laying on the floor being lazy in the background, or on the bed....or whatever? My dog likes to get in my pictures. I'm serious. Its like he knows what the camera is, if you don't believe, just go through all my posts and you'll see what I mean. Except, he's a little more dopey than the dogs in the magazines...I'm not sure if it has the same effect :) but I love him all the same.
Here's the fireplace/mantel/bookshelves...
oh. and the dog. haha. I totally didn't see him in this one until now.... lets just say he's a good fur rug :)
 This chair has seemed so plain lately, so I spruced it up with a scarf...and changed the stuff on the wall next to it. I love the change, and there's no more falling sticks hit by Max's tail.
This bowl is definitely not fall-ish or winter-ish...but it reminds me of San Juan....and my husband. In there is drift wood, white rocks, and sea shells we found on the beach....and an antler...cuz the hubs complains there's nothing of his in there...haha. I also have a huge elk antler in the corner of the living room. I want to put it somewhere, but just haven't found the right place yet :( now, you may spot it in a corner somewhere.

It's amazing how much changes in a year. 
This was the room last year during Christmas. Holy moly. What a difference. . . different fireplace, no bookshelves, no tree stumps, no rug, no new side tables, no new curtains....etc etc. I could go on forever. I guess we'll see what next year brings!


  1. It is absolutely beautiful! I love the color scheme and especially the rug. Well done! I jealous that you have a fireplace. Your pup is pretty cute too:)

  2. i just adore your living room- the trunk tables are what drew me in the first time!

  3. Wow you've done a lot to the room this year, it all looks amazing!

  4. Ohh your home is gorgeous, so sleek and neutral! -Amy

  5. Where did you get the rug? I love it!

  6. I am totally in love with your living room!
    Love from Chile,

  7. Wow your living room is amazing! Like something out of a magazine!! Do you do decorating classes?!?!?!

  8. oooooooooooh, love those tree trunks! They must weigh a ton, but they are so cool!

  9. I started out looking at your blog and thinking "nice dog, great it is in the photos " :)

    Thanks for sharing your great ideas. I found your blog to be an enjoyable read. Pearce


happy DIYing! Alicia