My Home for the Holidays: Christmas Tree

Yay! Christmas is almost here :) I haven't started a count down yet, but I think its around 18 days and 11 hours. haha. Just kidding. But seriously, it is 18 days away. Can you believe it? Have you all got all your shopping done yet??? I started to think that I was close, but in reality I've just finished one person and half of another...still like 10 more people to go. Oh well, ignorance is bliss.
 So, last year I decorated my tree with all browns and burnt oranges, which I loved ...but wanted something different this year. The first year we were married I decorated the tree with reds and whites. This year I decided to decorated it with whites and browns. So it was perfect. I didn't have to go buy anything :) Just use all the other stuff...actually, I guess I did have to go and buy some mesh since I didn't want to use the gold I had last year. So that was like $7. No biggie :)
This tree is like super old, it was passed down from my in-laws to my sister-in-law and then to us. So its been hammered :) You can tell its not as full as it should be. Thats the reason for the mesh and brown fabric. Its my attempt to make it look a bit fuller then it really is.
 Also, the tree leans a little in a the right. So I had to anchor it down on the left side with some wire. Oh well, maybe next year we'll have a nice new tree! :) I want one super skinny and way way tall. Maybe three trees in varying sizes...that might work too. haha, a girl can dream.
The main decor for my tree is brown and white poinsettias, white berries, snow flakes, and lots of white mesh. I was thinking of doing huge ribbons but decided against it. For the topper I used a simple white poinsettia. I love how it all turned out :)
 Here's the view from the entry way. For the stairs, I just strung garland and then where they meet put a small wreath in between. I kept the decor on these simple this year with just a few white poinsettias and a single snowflake on each wreath to mimic the decor on the tree.
And of course, no Christmas tree is complete without the lights. I absolutely love how magical this looks at night with the lights on, the white mesh just seems like glow :)

I wish you all luck with your Christmas shopping endeavours! I know I'll need it :)


  1. Very nice! Especially at night when all lit up!

  2. How lovely. It is all very beautifully done.
    Merry Christmas!

  3. Beautiful, and not too fussy!

    Where did you find the white mesh?


  4. Your tree looks lovely!! Our tree never has a theme. I would live one but the kids have been collecting ornaments since they were little and we put them on the tree each year.

  5. It's so beautiful! Old doesn't matter. You have made it GORGEOUS!

  6. What a beautiful tree and room - the whole thing!! The whites and browns are LOVELY!

    {visiting from Thrifty Decor Chick's Linky Party}


happy DIYing! Alicia