Just a smidgen of an update

So, I'm pretty sure we live in a wind tunnel.
I should have taken before pictures, but totally didn't think about it until now.
Oh well.
But our cute little spiderwebs turned into spun cotton.
The wind reeked havoc on them.
It was a pitiful sight.

But then at the store yesterday,
I saw something amazing.

Did you know they made BLACK spiderwebs?????
Why didn't anyone inform of this matter????

Well. I now have black, not white, spiderwebs that for now...does not look like spun cotton.

Here's just a small look at my porch....now a little spookier than my last post....hopefully::

Yes, I have to duck to go through the door.
But, its all in good fun ;)

Now to get the foam gravestones up.....I just have to wait for the rain/snow/wind/etc.etc.etc. to go away.


  1. Alicia, where in Utah do you live? I consider Cedar City to be a wind tunnel....and I love your black spider webs!!

  2. LOVE your porch decor! Espically the black spider webs! Too cool!!!
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happy DIYing! Alicia