Fall Front Porch

I absolutely love fall.
But this year....I'm thinking I'm even liking Halloween just as much.
Thus being that the spiderwebs are now up....

The spiders are out....
And the mice are up to no good.
I just love how they look on the stairs in the first picture.
And those spiders still get me sometimes when I'm out on the porch.
I have like 20 of them hiding, and still have to hold back a scream sometimes when I see one in the shadows...and I'm the one who put them there!

I couldn't help not putting these cute little mice on my baseboards:
It looks like the middle one fell off the stairs :)

I couldn't wait to do this this year now that we have our 'window' boxes.
My geraniums are somehow still flourishing, so I had to place my gourds and pumpkins around them for now...but all in all, I'm thinking I'm liking the look of them.

Happy Fall everyone!!!


  1. I am loving those MICE! How adorable are those?

  2. Looks great! I wish we celebrated Halloween more here in he uk :(

  3. Oh so sweet!
    Nice fall display!
    Very creative..

    Deborah xo


happy DIYing! Alicia