Friday, October 15, 2010

Add 4 inches of molding for only $15

This beautiful room:

Use to look like this:

You can barely see the molding on the bottom of the picture above.
But. I guess. Thats the point :)

We painted first the room first. And it saved us a lot of time not having to try to paint down to the baseboards, because with what we were going to do next, it didn't matter.

Supplies needed:
Miter saw
A room that needs some love and character ☺

To get the illusion of Great.Big.Tall baseboards that are usually $$$$$$$.
All you have to do is get some cheap molding.
For this whole room, it only cost $15 for the molding.
Paint it the color you want - matching the existing baseboards.
Get a level, this made this job soooo super easy.
Place the baseboards on the bottom and the molding on top.
And start nailing away as you move down the wall. 

We put a nail almost every 12 inches.

Once you are are done:
Just paint in between the molding and the baseboards!
And you instantly have VaVaVoom baseboards....on the cheap!