Monday, October 11, 2010

Guest Room Update...on the Cheap!

Okay. So I am so excited at how the below room turned out.
So much excited that its not even done yet but I HAVE to show you it.

You should have seen this room before.
It was dark, dingy, claustrophobic.
Oh. And the only full wall was covered with a baseball game mural.
Stadium, players, spectators.
The whole nine yards.
And the whole entire wall.
My client took these before pictures for me - isn't it great. lol.
A little boys dream ☺

This entire room cost under $500 to do - and thats pretty much having to buy everything.
The only thing I had to work with was my client's bed.
It was too bad I didn't have any furniture to redo, but I gotta tell ya, it sure saves time!

My finishing touches are actually putting a comforter in the duvet cover☺
Right now it just looks like a sheet on top of the bed, but I promise its not!
I'm going to install some black bamboo blinds, put in a chandelier and add molding to these shelves, so they look somewhat 'built in':

Then find a fantastic mirror to put above dresser.
The one I bought originally would have been perfect, it was chic and contemporary, but I pulled it out of the box and it was shattered.
And I can't find anymore like that.
So the search begins....again.

Here's the before of that same corner:

We painted the walls porpoise grey.
It looked a tinge blue.
I'm not sure it it was because of the room being in the basement
or the fact that the color just got mixed wrong.
Probably a little of both.
But, all in all, it turned out to be a great color to go with the white and burnt orange accents.

Stay tuned for all the small projects it took to build this space....on the cheap! ☺