Guest Room Update...on the Cheap!

Okay. So I am so excited at how the below room turned out.
So much excited that its not even done yet but I HAVE to show you it.

You should have seen this room before.
It was dark, dingy, claustrophobic.
Oh. And the only full wall was covered with a baseball game mural.
Stadium, players, spectators.
The whole nine yards.
And the whole entire wall.
My client took these before pictures for me - isn't it great. lol.
A little boys dream ☺

This entire room cost under $500 to do - and thats pretty much having to buy everything.
The only thing I had to work with was my client's bed.
It was too bad I didn't have any furniture to redo, but I gotta tell ya, it sure saves time!

My finishing touches are actually putting a comforter in the duvet cover☺
Right now it just looks like a sheet on top of the bed, but I promise its not!
I'm going to install some black bamboo blinds, put in a chandelier and add molding to these shelves, so they look somewhat 'built in':

Then find a fantastic mirror to put above dresser.
The one I bought originally would have been perfect, it was chic and contemporary, but I pulled it out of the box and it was shattered.
And I can't find anymore like that.
So the search begins....again.

Here's the before of that same corner:

We painted the walls porpoise grey.
It looked a tinge blue.
I'm not sure it it was because of the room being in the basement
or the fact that the color just got mixed wrong.
Probably a little of both.
But, all in all, it turned out to be a great color to go with the white and burnt orange accents.

Stay tuned for all the small projects it took to build this space....on the cheap! ☺


  1. check out the songe mirror from ikea -

    I fell in love with it yesterday. it was hung horizontally in the store and is such a gorgeous metallic.

  2. Wow! It looks great Alicia!!
    Colours are very complimentary together!
    You did a fantastic job...:)

    Deborah :)

  3. Wow! This is gorgeous! Looks like a fancy hotel room!

  4. The headboard is TO DIE FOR! Love it. You did such a wonderful job! Fresh, chic and elegant (:

  5. I just saw this on Finding Fabulous and I wanted to tell you how amazing it all looks so far. Although that mural was pretty cool, yeah, a boys dream. Love the gray walls with the white and the beautiful headboard. Great job!

  6. It's beautiful!! So serene. I'm just about to start my first design project for a client and I can't wait! Here from Finding Fabulous.

    ~ The Speckled Dog

  7. Love the wall color! And that headboard is AMAZING!

  8. Wow, great job on the redo! It's absolutely beautiful. I love how bright and airy it looks! :D

  9. Simply stunning transformation. My favorite change is taking the doors off the small closet.


  10. Found this on Better After - I LOVE this room! I would never think grey, white, and orange would make me swoon, but oh my! :) Great job!

  11. Love this idea. Also, don't forget if you love the mirror that you bought you can have a new mirror installed in the frame from a glass cutter. :)

  12. i found your pictures on hgtv and am IN LOVE. can you tell me the name/brand of the paint? i need it in my small/dark bedroom.


happy DIYing! Alicia