Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Headband for a Headboard?

You know how it feels when you can't get your bed to look just right? I've had that problem forever now. So, I stopped making it.


Then I had one of those nights where for some reason you get your best ideas right before the brink of know how that goes. And you just hope and hope that you can remember it in the morning because you are too lazy and tired to get up and write it down?

Well, I had one of those nights a few nights ago.
But somehow, magically, maybe it was a force of God, but I actually remembered!

I have a lot of before pictures of my bed, and thats only because I can never get it to look just right, so I always changed it up.
I recently made a new headboard for my bed, which was easy peasy and totally cheap. You can see the tutorial on it here.
And its still there, so this is how my bed looked before....
And since then, I made more pillows and bought a few more pillows and covers and then had nooo idea how to display all of them or even a few of some how, it came down to hardly making the bed cuz I didn't want to deal with it.

So, first, I update the headboard with a little headband....yes, headband :) See:

All it took was a little burlap and a dollar store frame:

I spraypainted the frame, cut the burlap to size, glued some cut skewers  in the middle of the frame and pulled the burlap through:

Then stapled it to the back of headboard.
Easy peasy pumpkin cheesy :)

I got rid of most all of the accent pillows and went for something a little more simple and made a bolster to replace them all. Then flipped the two standard size pillows in the back so they were taller than the ones in front of them.

I have a bed I actually want to make.

Cost of the 'headband'~ $3.
Cost of bolster ~ $5
Little flower on bolster ~ priceless

Next step.....paint that ugly night stand, then maybe, just maybe I'll be happy and stop redoing my room.