Thrifty Finds

Happy Saturday! Here's a FYI post for all y'all in Utah.

Have you heard of "For Every Body"? If not, you have got to stop by one, especially if you're a candle lover. This place is great; all their candles are soy based and smell spectacularly good.

They have a few stores here and there, but the main warehouse is in Lindon off of Geneva Road and right now (I'm not sure if this is all the time), but at least today, they are having a sale that lets you fill up a small box with as many discount candles as you kind find for only $10. Ten Dollars!

Now I'm all about making my own soy candles, but when you can find THIS many for $10, I'm sold.

I got 16 candles (6 of them large, 10 mediums) and 8 votives. For $10!

The votives are kind of 'ugh but they're soy so they don't really hold up well by themselves. Of course, once they melt in a votive holder, whose to tell?

Just this medium candle (which smells particulary awesome) retails for $10.99.

They're discounted because they may be a little off colored or not labeled or may smell like men's cologne when it says chocolate chip on the outside. But it was easy peasy to fill up this box, they have so many great scents. Perfect for gifts.

The ones that don't have labels, I'm totally going to use my Cricut and cut some cute motif's out of vinyl and put it on them. Then I may just spraypaint the lids, because some of them are a little rought. Love it!!!

Have a happy weekend :)


  1. Holy smokes, that's a lot of candles! I love candles- my favorite scent is honeysuckle.

  2. Thanks for stopping by. I could have skipped all the steps and used a 4x4.LOL I totally love candles. To bad I don't live in Utah!

  3. I found this sale by accident when I stopped by to use a 2 for 1 candle. I had to go back TWICE!!!


happy DIYing! Alicia