Block Print Decor Trends | What is it and where to find it

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You may have noticed this trend in home decor the past half year to a year. It's not everywhere yet, but it sure is cropping up in home decor accounts and stores. If you follow Liz Marie Galvin, you are sure to find a plethora of it in her home. This trend started up last year, so it's barely making it into stores right now. Most store buyers, they purchase the items for the stores almost a year to a year and a half in advance, so we will be seeing more of this block print trend coming up later this year and early next year. That being said, you can still find some just have to know how to search! And of course, either be okay to spend a pretty dime or DIY something. A block print is a actually a traditional Indian inspired design where the print is in almost a diamond like pattern. It's nothing new, it's just becoming trendy again :)
Good news! I have scoured the web for you in my own search of this trend and have some tips on how to get this look in your house...for less! 

There are a few floral or mughal block print designs surfacing on Amazon. Some are expensive, some are cheaper but ship right from China...but so far, there's not much to pick from. I did find these pillows that come in this pink/green floral block print design. They also come in two other color combos. They were a reasonable price for two, but you get what you pay for :) They are great to look at, not super soft, and a little weird on the fabric. But they do give you the look for less! All that being said, I'm still keeping mine. They are okay for the price. These would also be cute to use a stencil for embroidery as well. Think I might do that with the pink or green on mine.

Next up is this beautiful block print wallpaper I installed in my dining room a few months ago. This is such an easy way to make a big huge impact in any space. You can see the tutorial on how I did mine at this <link>.  And here's the link for the actually wallpaper. It's seriously one of my favorite projects from last year. 

Target has some really cute block print pillows available through the Threshold line with Studio McGee as well as a pretty quilt set! (click on pictures for link)

Getting the block print look can also be done inexpensively by reusing items that already have the design on them. For instance, these napkins are 18x18" and would be perfect for pillow covers! Just a little sewing or no sew hem tape can transform them. I love the color of these as well! 

You can also change block print designed tablecloths into curtains ... or pillows! They are a little more expensive but you can get quite a few pillows from them, or a curtain panel ... or just use it for a tablecloth! 

Another way to get this block print home decor look is to find some fabric and DIY something. I found this fabric at Hobby Lobby and made quite a few pillow covers out of it along with a blanket. My next step is to do curtains ... when they have enough yardage in stock :) I made these way early last year and was the first time I added the block print design into my decor. 

Here's a hack on how I made this exact pillow cover in under 5 minutes, if you want to check it out :)

The next places I found this print is actually at TJ Maxx! I found one that I didn't like so much at Home Goods, but went next door to TJ Maxx...yes literally, I know they are the same company but they are next door to each other where I go :) The TJ Maxx had a bundle of these two pillows with the best color and best design front and back. They are two sided. I love the tassels as well! 
TJ Maxx also had this beautiful block print pillow with a tweed fabric. The colors are perfect for what I wanted! I found of course I had to get both :) 

TJ Maxx had a dog bed in a pretty block print as well! 

Home Goods had two quilts that I was going to get in the green block print, but I couldn't bring myself to purchase one since I just got this quilt in December above. It's a beautiful white and cream quilt with gorgeous stitching. Just couldn't replace it yet :) 

Other options are to find block print fabric online and make your own curtains, pillows, blankets etc. I looked through Amazon and few other fabric places and the cheapest place right now to buy that fabric is through . You have to do a 2 yard minimum order...and $10 shipping, but if you want the look for less, it may be worth it to you! I was soo close to purchasing this fabric below, but then found those pillows the same day at TJ Maxx. 

Hope that gave you some ideas on how to add this trend into your home until it becomes more readily available! Let me know if you come across any other amazing places to grab block print home decor at a reasonable price!

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happy DIYing! Alicia