Block Print Wallpaper Dining Room Wall DIY

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The room that I love and never thought I would keep transforming, has once again been transformed. The smallest little additions to a space can change it up and make you love it again. Can you spot it?

I've been eyeing this wall for quite some time, thinking that I needed to add something to it. I've been getting tired of the majority of the walls in my house being beige.  My initial thoughts were to continue the cedar plank shiplap until I came across this peel and stick large block print wallpaper. I knew it had to go in here. This was my dining room just last week when I shared my fall decor. 
And here's that same angle now. I am loving the change. I was surprised at how the new wallpaper brightened up the space. I have yet to add anything else to the walls, just continuing to enjoy the large block print!

Here's the complete look when I took everything off of the walls. It's crazy what a difference curtains and decor can make! This seems so plain now....and to only imagine that it used to not have any board and batten nor shiplap (you can see the very first picture of this room at the bottom of this post!)
And now with the curtains back up and the new wallpaper. 
This corner used to give me a headache trying to figure out what to put on this side wall. I have changed it almost seasonly and never found something that made me content. Now I don't need to add anything...this wallpaper is beautiful all on it's own! 

I have to be truthful for a second. I bought two rolls of this knowing I wanted to put it up. Once it came in, I hated the look of it from the roll. The cream area has a papyrus like texture which then made the flowers look somewhat coastal in a weird least to me. I bought these in August, and literally just stared at them in a corner every since wondering if it was a mistake to get them. I had some time this past weekend and decided to just do it. It looked great online after all! 

I am so glad I did! I actually ran out with a row and a half left and wanted to cry! I wanted it to be complete so bad. So, on that note...make sure you buy more than you think you need! Quite a bit does go to waste when you need to line up the patterns.  

These flowers are like a greyish green and are the perfect neutral. 

Here's the before of my dining room...before I even had curtains up! This was like living in a fish bowl, everyone could see us. Looking at this view just blows my mind and how much my style has also changed. 
And here's a similar angle with all the work I've put into this space. I added the cedar plank shiplap, board and batten, faux beams, changed out the chandelier and now finally, the wallpaper. 
Wallpaper is such a funny thing to me. When I was in college, my mom bought a house we deemed the wallpaper house. It literally had wallpaper on every single wall. I remember spending years taking down wallpaper, and then finally just painting over some. I told myself what a ridiculous thing wallpaper was, and I was glad it was out of style. Also, pretty sure I told myself I would never put wallpaper in my house. And here I am. This is my 4th wall and 3rd room to do add some in...and I have two more new rolls to add somewhere else! Luckily, wallpaper now is easy to remove, and not at all like that ridiculous time I wasted years taking down. What's your thoughts, are you pro-wallpaper? Or are you excited to see this trend pass again?

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happy DIYing! Alicia