DIY No Sew Curtains Tutorial

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There are times that I want to update a room and have it not take a ton of time or work. This is one of those times. I wanted to bring in some pattern into my front living room, and new making some new curtains would be perfect. I did search around for some pre-made curtains, but didn't find a pattern or color I wanted in here. I went to Hobby Lobby and came across the perfect fabric that would be perfect for any season. 

I knew immediately I wanted to use it for the curtains. This easy DIY curtain hack took me about 5 minutes per panel, so I had my new curtains up in no time at all! 

Here's the supplies I used:
Tape measure
Fabric -Add 4" more than the height you are wanting, times two for two panels. The fabric I used was 54" wide.

Step 1: Measure the height you want your curtains to be. From floor to ceiling, mine were going to be 106 inches. So, I added 4 inches to that. I needed 110 inches per panel. Knowing that, I took my measurements with me to get the fabric cut at Hobby Lobby. I need a little over 6 yards of fabric. 
Step 2: Once I got the fabric home, I measured out 110 inches, and cut fabric accordingly.
Step 3: I then measured 2 inches down on each short side and ironed the hem over. I then placed the iron on hem tape in between the fold.

Step 4: I started ironing the hem into place following the instructions on the tape. I spent good amount of time on each section to make sure it was properly secured ... of course without scorching the fabric with the iron. 
Here's what it looked like all done. As you can see, I didn't do the long edge, just what would be the top and bottom of the fabric. The edge on the sides didn't bother me looking like this, if you they would bother you, I would suggest doing a hem on these sides as well. 
Step 5: Add on the curtains rings. I used about 8 per panel, spacing them out evenly. 

If you are concerned about how these would look if you are closing the curtains, I would add a white panel to the back, just clip in place. 
Now hang! 
Since the height to my curtain rod was 106", and the actual curtains hang from the rings about 2 to 3 inches down, it made the curtains puddle on the floor perfectly. If you don't want this, I suggest adjusting your measurements accordingly. 

I just love the perfect amount of pattern it brought into this room. 
I grabbed this fabric on a week it was on sale for $6 a yard. So, the total cost for the two panels was only $36. Not too bad for some custom curtains! 

I loved this pattern so much, I made a few pillows to match. That was also a no sew project I'll have to share with you soon! 

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happy DIYing! Alicia