DIY Scalloped Felt Christmas Tree Tutorial

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Why decorate early for Christmas? So you can have aaalllll the time for aaallll the Christmas crafts :) I love crafting with my kids ... or by myself... during December. For some reason, this is when all my creative juices flow. I just wish I had more time to do them and share them! I've been taking some pictures of a few of my crafts as I do them so I can share with you! 

These scalloped felt Christmas trees are so easy and fun and just involves a couple of supplies.
The supplies you need:
Tree form, cardboard or styrofoam. I got the cardboard form from Hobby Lobby and the shorter styrofoam forms from the dollar store.
Felt, about 3 sheets to be safe! 
Hot glue

Step 1:
Get leaf, or free hand a leaf onto some cardstock. Cut it out.
Step 2: 
Use the cardstock leaf to trace out leaves on the felt. I found that I could cut through three sheets with my scissors, so I only had to actually trace on to the top layer. Plus, it saves on the cutting! Three leaves for one!

Step 3:
Using the hot glue, secure the felt to the bottom base of the tree, going in a circle around it. I lined them up where they touch at the bottom edge so you can't see any of the tree form. This makes the felt hang over the edge. You can keep it like this, or cut to a flat edge. 
I kept mine as a scalloped edge.
Step 4: 
Once the bottom layer is on, add a layer on top of it. I didn't have them overlap much side by side, but I did have them overlap on top of each other from top to bottom.
Step 5: 
As you head to the top, there will be less felt pieces being used by row, obviously. I ended the top with 2 or 3 felt pieces connecting to a point. I glued those on the inside to secure them.
And that's it! Don't you love easy, but cute Christmas crafts? I can see a whole mantel full of these trees in varying sizes and colors. 

Check back more this week and next for more tutorials and Christmas tours! 

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happy DIYing! Alicia