DIY Cupcake Liner Ball Ornaments Tutorial

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Yay for another day of a Christmas craft tutorial! Every year I make ornaments for at least one of our Christmas trees. This is a super fun thing to do with your kids, so as you bring them back every year there's a great memory associated with it. 
Today, I'm going to share with you a step by step tutorial on how to make these cupcake liner ornaments. This totally reminds me of my childhood and the pull apart Christmas decor hanging in all the grocery stores. I have some of these types of bells hanging in my front living room.

So, this would take a crazy amount of time to make...but here's a tutorial on a simpler version :)

Cupcake liners. I like the brown ones. You can find them here
Hot Glue
Wood balls if preferred.

Step 1:
Start of with the cupcake liners, separate about 12 of them and flatten them out.
Step 2:
Fold them in half.
Step 3:
Secure with a single dab of glue on the inside middle edge. See picture below. Do this to all the cupcake liners.
Step 4:
Now it's time to stack them together. When you stack one on top of the other, add two dabs of hot glue on the top and bottom quarter, see picture. Then stack a liner on top. Keep doing this until they are gone.
Step 5:
this is what it should look like on the back. Kind of like a book binding.
Now we are going to use some jute, fold in half. Make it have enough that you can add the wood balls to them at the end and still have room to hang. 
I used the hot glue, and sent a line of it down the back, waiting a minute so it wasn't so hot, and then tapped the jute piece into it. I then pressed the glue to the liners really well until it was all dried, securing it more.
Step 6:
Sorry, not shown. But now just fold the front liner to meet the back liner and secure in those same two spots with hot glue.

Step 7: 
Add a few wood beads and your done! 

These are less than a 5 minute Christmas craft so you can produce a ton of these in a short amount of time ... perfect to cover a Christmas tree in! 

Stay tuned for even more easy Christmas craft tutorials and Christmas home tours! 

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happy DIYing! Alicia