Christmas Gift Ideas For Women | That They Will LOVE!

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Yay, its Christmas time! This year has gone by so fast .. so fast that I am constantly having to remember all those last minute presents for my friends and mom. To help you in a crunch, I have curated my favorite things I have bought over the past year. These items will make the perfect gift for your friend, sister, daughter, mom, or spouse. I have a wide variety this year! Everything from books to electronics, home, and beauty. I have my most favorite ones listed below, but you can see my full complete list on my Amazon store here.

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My mom started me off with journals young. I don't just use them to journal, but to also just take notes! I have created a few of my own this year and have them for sale on Amazon. Here's my favorite floral one, comes in hardback and paper.

I have also started to add some other books to my Amazon store that I have created, such as this Fave Recipes book. It's like recipe cards, but in a book! A perfect place to keep all your family's favorite recipes!

This is my go-to friend gift. They come in all sorts of "sayings" in Morse Code. Ones for sisters, friends, daughters, and moms.
This has been my hair's lifesaver this year! I rarely touch heat on my hair anymore thanks to these, yet have curls every day! When you sleep, you may look ridiculous, but it's totally worth to save your hair.

My friend bought me this blanket and it's amazing! It's chunky and warm. It's the perfect blanket for that cozy and warm feel.

This clock you guys is everything I didn't know I needed. It replaced my monstrous and super old alarm clock that didn't match with anything I had in my bedroom. This is super sleek, and fits seamlessly now. It has a sensor where it dims when it's dark so it's not so blaringly bright. But then you can see the time perfectly during the day. It also comes with usb charging ports. This one shown below is rose gold; but I have mine in gold. 
I have been told by multiple people to start using bars to wash my hair. I didn't want to try it, it seemed weird. But, really, a lot of shampoos and conditioners are full of stuff that is actually harmful to your hair .. or unneeded. Even the expensive ones! I checked mine was surprised at what was in the ingredients. I just recently changed over to these shampoo and conditioner bars and love them! My hair smells amazing and feels great. I have my daughter using them and they have helped her scalp.

No need to go outside in the cold to have some yummy s'mores! I love this thing! It's the perfect little size to have indoors or even outdoors if you don't want to start a fire.

If you live in a cold climate, these are essential! I stopped using the toss away hand warmers and got these. They got hot fast and have different settings. They fit perfectly in the palm of your hand and stay charged for a long time. 

Canisters are a girls best friend. I love getting organizational things as presents. What's better than that is when they are super pretty! These containers can be used in any room and instantly make whatever you put in them look beautiful.
Okay, even if you aren't old like me :) ... you need one of these! I play volleyball and run and this thing has been a lifesaver. It comes with tons of attachments to help with anything from your back to the palms of your hands. It has a ton of settings as well. I have even used it to help put a rib back into place. 

Seriously my favorite purse to date. It acts like a purse, crossover, or backpack. It has a ton of different pockets with lots of sections on the inside. I have used this for about a year now as my main purse and it has held up amazingly! If you don't like the strap, change it out for one you can easily find on Amazon or I even just saw some at Hobby Lobby! 

This is cooking in style! I seriously leveled up my game with these. They are beautiful so you can keep them out instead of stashing them away...and they make cooking and baking more fun :)

I leave my cooking utensils out so it's kind of a must to have them look pretty :) This comes with pretty much everything you need plus the caddy! 

I hope you found something in the above list to help with your Christmas giving needs :) If you need more inspiration, I have a much larger list in my Amazon store! You can check it out here. 

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