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I bought a patio dining set a couple of years ago, and spent a good amount on it, for it to only start to break down by the next year. It was a wicker like look, but made of plastic. Cheap plastic apparently. The wear starting showing on the table first, and then it moved to the arms and back of the chairs. I did love the set (you can see it here). After 4 years of having it, I decided to replace it. This time, I figured I would use items that could easily....and replaced if they got ruined.
The first step was to find some old chairs. I grabbed two from my basement that I haven't used probably never. I found two others at the thrift store for a couple of dollars. I painted them with some outdoor paint in Swiss Coffee by Behr. These have been out here all summer and look great so far! I know I'll eventually need to sand them down and repaint, but that's a drop in the bucket compared to completely replacing them with so called "outdoor" furniture :) I'm not mad at all about my other dining set not lasting, can you tell? ha! 
As for the table, I actually got this one for free. I was looking for a bench for my bedroom (see here), found the perfect one, and when I went to pick it up, the lady gave me the whole set it belonged to. This included the table and another smaller bench that is on my porch (you can see a little peak of that one here). I had no use for this table, literally. So, it sat in my basement holding Christmas decor ever since. I had an aha moment one night and decided it needed to be used out here in place of the old table. I then moved my old chairs to our new firepit (will share soon!)...and started to transform this space as you see it now :)
So, really, the cost of this set up was like maybe $10 in furniture. Now that is something I can be happy about! I did love the other set, but I gotta say, I like this one more. It's just more my style. I'm unsure how the table will wear in the heat and rain. The bench out on my front porch has been their for 4 years and looks great! I'll be covering this during the winter months, so hopefully it'll be good for awhile. Plus, I'll eventually get to adding some outdoor paint to it as well. I figure if the playhouse has lasted with that same paint for 5 years, I should be good for at least that with this set. We will see! :)

I added some boho touches to this dining area to match what is going on with the other outdoor living space on the other side of my patio....which I just realized has been updated as well since I last shared! But here's how it looked last year.  I like to leave a blanket out here for nighttime when the mosquitos get mean :) I also put this macrame table runner on the table. I had the runner in my house for awhile, and then it got retired, so I brought it out here. It matches the other macrame hangings on the posts perfectly.
You can see them closer up here (click on image to see more):

On the table I added two jute lanterns and a small planter. I just love this Creeping Jenny, I have it in most of my pots!
To add to this whole scene and bring it up to my style was the old screen door I bought a couple of years ago at a yard sale. I took off the screen and attached it to the bar above. I just gave it a more cozy look. Talking about that whole area....the privacy fence and curtains have seen better days but are still hanging in there 4 years later! I'll need to replace a few of the curtains soon and maybe re-stain the fence. But I do like the weathered look of the wood now. (you can see the tutorial on this privacy fence here). I also hung some solar lights along this fence that pop on at dusk, and just offer the most quaint glow. 
Adding little extra things like this painted barstool and using it as a plant stand lends to the cozy feel of the space. Also, a rug is a must! I have wanted to paint a "rug" on this cement for a few years now, but my husband won't allow it. So, instead, I go through rugs like every 3 years. I wish they lasted longer outdoors, but they just don't. This one is on it's last leg....maybe I'll get one more year out of it. 

This angle offers a good view of the old screen door. In the background I have two little tents I made 3 years ago. They float around my yard....this day they were being used by the cats for shade, and being scaled on top of by them as well.

Here's an idea of how close we are to my neighbors, so it's definitely a useful set up to have for privacy! Although, I gotta say, we love these neighbors and have never had to shut the curtains :) Instead the fence just blocks the mess of landscaping we have on the other side. It's truly awful, I promise, ha! 
I'll be sharing the other part of this patio soon! This is my place to be during the summer months so I gotta make it look nice! I love being out here! 

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