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Do you ever feel like your bedroom needs a little facelift or just a change? There are times I just need something different in my bedroom and the easiest way to get it is through new bedding! I have changed my bedding more than my rug or things on my wall. It's the easiest...and a relatively inexpensive way to updated your room. It's always the best feeling walking by room after I changed the just brings a smile to my face. 

I have rounded up some of my fave cute cottage beddings ideas for your bedroom. I own 4 of these and will share pictures of them, and the others I have waiting in my cart trying to decide which one to get! 

Cottage bedding to me is feminine with the use of florals or ruffles. I have added some quilts in here too since I feel like that gives the perfect "grandmillenial" cottage vibe... or english country vibe. Let me know which one you like the best...or which I should get next! 

Don't worry, not all of these are cottage...if that's not your style! But if you are here for feminine, florals, and ruffles...then I got your covered :)

As with all of my roundups, I try my best to grab things I know is value to you and not crap products :) But do your own due diligence before you purchase. I like to look at all the reviews...even sort the bad reviews first...then I look at pictures. The good thing with most of these, they are easy free returns! 

Linen Cotton Mix Duvet Bedding Set
First out of the gate as a top on my list is this amazing looking linen/cotton mix duvet. It has button enclosures on the bottom that are so cute and out the perfect amount of charm! 

Cottage Cream Reversible Medallion Quilt 
I am loving the scalloped edges on this quilt and pinstripe design on the back! The texture looks amazing, and of course, the neutrals are tugging at my heart. This is one of the bedding sets sitting in my cart right now!

Cottage Floral Quilt with Reversible Design
You can't see in this picture, but the other side is even cuter! This is definitely more like a grandmillenial quilt or bedding set. I swear my mom had something like this when I was growing up. I envision this folded up at the bottom of my bed. Plus, it's a quilt, so the texture has got to be amazing! This is first on my list on the ones in my cart.

Floral English Cottage Duvet Set
This is so cute with the mustard yellow floral block print design. I keep toying with the yellow, the florals above or something green! I can't decide. Either way, this would look so cute on a bed, or folded at the foot. 

Floor Length Ruffle Bedspread
I love this one so much, I bought two! Serious. I didn't need two, but when the price went down, I couldn't help myself to buy another one... you know, just in case something happens to my perfectly fine one :) The flow of this bedspread is just amazing, and will at least kiss the floor with most bed heights, hiding the awful box spring. It says dry clean only, but I have washed it multiple times with no problem. 

Here's how it looks in the most recent picture of my bedroom:
This is definitely a bedspread and not a blanket to the not needing to wash it very often part :)

White Cottage Ruffle Bedding Set
This one I just love and used before I switched to my king size bed. Now the color in the picture is beautiful and warm, what I received was actually quite bright white...but I still loved it. You can see it on my bed below this stock image.

Cottage Ruffle Duvet Bedding Set
Next one is one that I have similar to and is a duvet. I just love this simple look of the ruffle trim around the bedspread and pillow shams. I have used mine for years now! 

Here's my go to down filled comforter that I insert into the duvet. It's all season....which is awesome. I literally use it year around, during the hot summer months and during the freezing cold winters! 


White Ruffle Bedding Set
Now if you love ruffles, this is your bedding set. These give you alllll the ruffles. It looks pretty pulled all the way up the bed, or just folded at the foot. I had this on my queen size bed and then got a similar one for my daughter's room in pink. This actual material is thin, but the bedding is thick.
I have it here at the foot of my bed, just in the opposite direction.

Do you have any favorites, or want to suggest some? Let me know! 
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happy DIYing! Alicia