My Home 7 Years Later (My 7 Year Blog Anniversary!)

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I can't believe I have been blogging for this long, 7 years! Holy cannoli batman! That doesn't just make me a dinosaur, that makes me like older than dinosaur dust! haha. I started blogging pre-Pinterest, that's telling you something :) And I have to say, so much has changed since my first couple of years of posting! Pinterest has changed everything and completely made everyone, not just me, up their game. Seriously, you should see my photography skills back in the day :) They were pathetic, dark and so unwelcoming. I just used a cheapo point and shoot camera. I think like the max megapixels was 500kb. Seriously though, that's why some of these pictures are such low quality :) Back then it didn't matter so much about photography, just about the tutorial.

Every anniversary, I like to take a walk down memory lane and pull up some old...old photos I have of my house when I first started blogging :) Some of these are embarrassing, but it just shows to tell how a little time, elbow grease, and a complete change in style can change your house! I would say my style back in the day was "Tuscan". I wanted Venetian plaster all over my walls in brown and yellows. Yeah. I'm glad that never happened! That would have been a pain to paint! A crazy thing though, all my main pieces of furniture are still around :) It just shows if you purchase neutral pieces, they can carry on with you even when you decide to change things up a bit.

Okay, ready for complete embarrassment on my part? (as I hide under the 20 pillows on my couch haha). Here you go!

My entryway before:
 And after:
 The barn doors were a HUGE change to this space, especially since the way it looked last year not just 7 years ago. I love the character it has brought to the space.
 The entryway hallway, before:
 And after:
 Another huge change to this space, even since last year. I really feel like I don't do that much throughout the year, then I look back at these pictures and see how much things have changed even since last years blog anniversary :)
 This is like one of the first blog posts I ever did. I'm not sure what it was about. We'll just say it was about how not to decorate haha. Or how to decorate and not put anything on the walls :) Anyway, front room from before:
 And after:
 Another angle of the front room before. I remember I was pretty happy about that table redo, and now I have no idea where it is. Probably in my basement somewhere :) This seriously feels like someone else's house though. I can't remember it looking like this!
 And after:

 Here's my living room before. Once again, one of my very first posts about curtains. :) I was pretty proud of this idea.
 And after! Yep, this is the same couch. And yes, it's actually still the same wall color even.
 Another before view:
 And after. Those bookshelves are the best thing I ever did to this room :)
 My dining room before. Here's where you can totally feel the Tuscan type vibe.
 And after, still the same table! :)
 My kitchen before:
 And truthfully, I had no idea this picture of my kitchen even existed! I wasn't going to show the before and after of my kitchen because nothing really has changed. But I guess it does look a bit different :) Just a new coat of paint on the walls and change out of decor and blinds.
 My master bedroom before. This is so embarrassing! Yep, I had some weird thing with putting fake flowers on the top of my headboard. Don't ask...I have no idea :) Oh and that's a sheet over the middle part of the headboard. I apparently really didn't like that headboard that much. It was my special way of making everything brown :)
 And after!
 Our old guest room:
 Which is now our little ones bedroom:
 This was one of the first iterations of what our second bedroom has changed from. I'm sparing you the very, very first picture of this room. Just imagine a junk room. :) This was when our current nursery was an office/guest room.
 And now here's the nursery:
 The guest bathroom before:
 And after:
 And our main floor bathroom before:
 And after:
 Our laundry room before:
And here's the after which we'll just pretend that it even looks 1% as decent as this today. Seriously though. I need some help. This room is a disaster! I need cabinets ASAP :)
Well, there you have it! I love going through these pictures and just remembering how much time can change things. Even from 1 year to 7 years! It's crazy. One of these days I'll have to pull out our old apartment photos and share them with you :) You'll love it, I swear! haha. They are super awesome :) I guess we'll see what this next year will bring! As I said before, I feel like I didn't do much this past year with our house, but going back through photos it shows just how much I have done even though I wish I had done more. Hope you enjoyed the small before and after tour!


  1. Love your style. Mine has totally changed too. I really enjoyed this post, so nice to see how the same furniture can look so totally different with different accessories and paint colors.

  2. Just beautiful, Alicia! You've done things I would never have thought of, but that work so well. And it amazes me how much larger each room looks! Well done! I'm looking forward to your next projects. :)
    PS: That printer storage would make a great cat litter box as well! I'm always looking for ways to cover my cat's box.

  3. Beautiful! Gorgeous! Stunning! Great job Alicia! I love the colors, fabrics and textures that you have selected! You are brave showing your before pictures. I still need to get my nerve up to show some of mine! Thanks for sharing!

  4. You have very beautiful home and I am sure all credit should go to you. You have very beautifully designed each space of your home. Fire place mantle and picture collection is amazing and your bedroom is gorgeous. Your home is looking beyond fantastic in white color. You have done amazing job with your home in these 7 years. Cheers!

  5. Amazing work you've done to make your home beautiful! As I read through this post I started feeling a little overwhelmed like, I have got to do all this today! But haha, I lassoed myself in and opted to redo one room, borrowing ideas from you - that will be the dining room. So I'll start pinning and then I'll be off and running. Thanks for the amazing inspiration. Next up: master bedroom!


happy DIYing! Alicia