Nautical Jute and Rope Ornaments

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Welcome to the last day of our series! 12 days can go by pretty fast, huh? :) I wish I could say that these wonderful past 12 crafts/ornaments are still adorning my tree...but truthfully, when you have a toddler around, nothing adorns your tree for long. These ones today have been used as balls to throw around the house and to dance with :) How can you get upset at something so cute though, right?

Not only is this the last day of the series, but that also means there's a link party! You get to share with us what you've been up to :) Don't worry, if you don't have anything can still join later! It'll been open for 2 weeks. You can join in the party at the end of the post :)

So, today I'll be sharing with you my attempt at going nautical with my ornaments, but not in an obvious the jute and rope ornaments:
Jute and rope Christmas ornaments. Cute way to add texture!
 All you need for this is some jute or rope, a hot glue gun and some foam balls.
Jute and rope christmas ornaments
 I must say, that the rope is a lot quicker to do. If you have half an hour on your hands, go ahead and string the jute ball too :) I started in the middle and hot glued the rope almost every two inches or so until it reached the bottom.
Nautical rope christmas ornament.
 At the bottom, I looped around the rope and hot glued one end onto the opening of the ball.
Nautical rope christmas ornament.
 I then took another piece and finished roping the ball on the other half. Not leaving a loop this time at the bottom. And to make this a little more festive, I added some berries and leaves.
I did exactly the same thing to make the jute ball. I like the texture these add to the tree :)

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And, here's the link party! I'm super excited to see all your ideas! It'll be nice seeing something other than my own ;) lol

*Some materials used in the making of this ornaments were purchased using a gift card given to from Michaels.


happy DIYing! Alicia