Mini Woodland Wreath Ornament

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Welcome to the 10th day of our 12 Days of Christmas Crafts series! I can't believe we are almost done already :) You'd think I would be glad to be done, but really, I have a ton more ideas for ornaments! Which is weird, because honestly I probably haven't made an actual ornament since I was like 10 lol. Maybe I'm making up for all those missing years :)

So, I am a definite fan of birch. I love the way it looks as a tree, or just as branches, or cut into cute little discs. I already have some cute plans to add more birch into my holiday decor this year. Here's just one of the ways :)
Mini Woodland Wreath Ornament made from birch discs
I got my birch discs at a craft store, or you can use a tree from your backyard :) For the discs, I tried to use the most similar sized ones for my mini ornament wreath.
Mini Woodland Wreath Ornament made from birch discs
 All I did was hot glue them to one another in a circle. At first, I noticed the circle was a little off, so I opened it up and added a smaller disc and it looked perfect.
Mini Woodland Wreath Ornament made from birch discs
I then added a little flower and some berries to it. To hang it, I hot glued a string of jute on the back side.
Mini Woodland Wreath Ornament made from birch discs
 This is a little delicate since the birch bark can come off easily. But once it's in the tree no need to worry unless you have little hands grabbing at everything ;) 
Mini Woodland Wreath Ornament made from birch discs
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  1. This one is definitely my favorite! Love it. Pinning!

  2. Looks great! I'd add a little backing of cardboard or something to make it a bit more sturdy so it makes it through the packing and unpacking for years to come!

  3. Ahh, love those tiny wood slices! They're too cute and are perfect for this little wreath.


happy DIYing! Alicia