Friday, August 15, 2014

Side Table Makeover with Brass Details

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It's been forever since I have painted a piece of furniture without repurposing it too. It was kind of fun...and easy :) I should probably start doing it more often, but then again, I'm also running out of places to put things in my house lol.

So, awhile back I was shared on Facebook that Hobby Lobby was having a massive clearance on a ton of furniture...up to 90% off. This is where this beauty came from:
I was planning on going to the thrift store by our house to pick up some cute side tables for a room I was redoing, but decided to bag it since I knew the prices I would find. They seriously think they are the Ashley Furniture clearance area. I kid you not. The turnaround there is pretty slow because of it too. So, I decided to nix it and get some fabric at Hobby Lobby instead. Then of course, I saw Hobby Lobby's sale. And...yeah, ended up coming home with 5 tables, and 1 yard of fabric :) I picked up this table for just a little bit more than what I would have gotten it at the thrift store.

I kept telling myself "I'm not going to paint this white. I'm not going to paint this white." Even though every ounce of my being was wanting me to do so. I even bought some white spray paint 'just in case' lol. I was talking to the hubs telling him that I'm thinking I just might end up painting it white and he then told me to just get a white paint bomb and explode it in our house to save time :) Luckily I've been on somewhat of a color kick lately cuz that would have been messy.
Furniture painting idea -add corner brackets for cute details
Yep, I decided to go bold and paint it teal. Holy moly. It looks so out of place in my house lol. But! It's not white :)

This table was just cheap mdf and horribly finished (in my opinion), so I decided to sand the heck out of it and give it a good dose of primer.
I then went out of my comfort zone and changed the beautiful white primer into Krylons "Sea Glass". A little bolder than I anticipated :) I've been wanting to do some brass/gold details on some pieces of furniture for awhile now, and I figured this would be the perfect piece since just painting it would be so boring. So, I grabbed some corner brackets and a brass knob and added them on.
And since it was already pretty gawdy, why not go all out?
Furniture painting idea -add fun design to side of drawers
I stenciled a cute design on the drawer with some gold and white paint.
I love how this looks, opened and closed.
Furniture painting idea -add fun design to side of drawers
Furniture painting idea

I'm loving this piece, but it only looks good on my white wall, not my beige walls. So, now I have to go and paint another wall white lol ;) Or I may just end up using it in the bedroom I just redid at my mom's house. What do you think?...or maybe I will end up painting it white again so it fits back in my house lol.

before and after furniture transformation