My Home Before and After 5 Years (My 5 Year Blog Anniversary!)

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Today marks 5 years I've been blogging. Five years!! I created this blog as a creative outlet for my random decorating ideas and crafts and it has grown to be so much more than that. It's so funny to go back and look at my first projects...embarrassing also. I'm surprised that I still have this blog after such horrible posts and projects lol. But hey, at the time that's what I was into and what I wanted to share :)

It's fun looking back at how much has changed in blogging in the past 5 years. It's crazy!  Also, fun to see how much has changed in decorating. When I first started, decor was all about a Tuscan look, richer darker colors and tones and now it has moved to bright and vibrant colors. Also, photography has changed tremendously and is a huge part of blogging now as it wasn't so much before.

I know today I usually share a model home, but I decided that since today is exactly my 5 year blog-iversary, I would rather share with you the transformation of my house over the years...before and afters. It is so much fun to see how my decorating style has changed and continues to change. Many of these pictures have 'befores' even before the before and many many iterations of the rooms in between the before and after. And even today, some of the 'afters' have already changed a little bit.

Just a back story. We moved into a home 5 years ago in April. We moved from a 700 square foot apartment to 3500 square feet. We started out with just a bed, two dressers, a couch, coffee table set, and kitchen table. That's it. And that's the main reason why I started blogging -to chronicle the journey of decorating my house on a very small budget starting with almost nothing.

Here's my front room. Close your eyes if you need to on the before picture...boy oh boy. Why did I like this?? lol. This is at least decorated, for the first year or so, this room was just a storage room for randomness since we didn't have any furniture for the room until we scored this sectional for $400. 

 Our living room has been through it's fair share of updates and re-updates. Here's my take on the Tuscan idea. Isn't that fireplace tile hideous? Ugh. And the random alcoves I hated sooo bad! The after makes me so happy :)
 Here's another view of the living room when I moved the sectional in here at the beginning. Horrible photography, yes...probably took it with a $25 camera :)
 My dining room was another full blown Tuscan theme...reds, yellows and oranges. I am so glad I updated the wall and changed out the decor. Since, I have even changed out the chairs with some upholstered white ones, which I have yet to show you :)
 Our master bedroom...oh boy. This decor was straight from our apartment. I don't know what else to say about it lol..I think the picture sums it up. :) The after is how it is currently and I still love it, although I have some huge plans for it...again! I'm so over the beige and white...I need color.
 Our master bathroom has had just small changes, mainly decor. Here's a snip of a little corner:
 The nursery used to be a guest bedroom. I'm not sure why I loved brown so's like the main color in every before picture. This is a horrible before, sorry, but the only one I have. The after is just a complete oasis. I love this room so so much.
 My was complete and total chaos before I moved any furniture in here. Just a random place to put all my craft and office stuff. You may remember me actually converting into a guest room/office combo. But, since then, I have realized how much I need the office and guest room separate just to contain the chaos...the two do not fit in one as much as I wish :)  So, it is now a dedicated guest bedroom.
 The guest bathroom is still one of my favorite makeovers. It only cost $60. Tuscan theme of course for the beginning, and bright and cheery in the after.
 And last on our list for today is the laundry room. I really really want to move this laundry room into the basement. There just isn't enough room in this cramped space to house the laundry and all of the stuff the inevitably gets piled in there since it's the pass through from the garage to the main part of our house. It drives me nuts. But, it has seen it's own little makeover also...just enough to make it functional for the time being.
 It's been so fun going through these before pictures. I haven't seen some of them in quite awhile and often times forget where I started with this whole process.

It's been a very quick 5 years...can't believe how time flies! I have met so many good friends and companies through this blog and am thankful for each and every one of my readers. You guys are the reason why I keep going and keep this blog up. You are all the best! Here's to another 5 years!


  1. I always love seeing your home! So bright and airy and you have such beautiful and affordable. ideas.

  2. Like the bright and inviting colors of all your changes.

  3. Thank you for some of the older pictures! I had not seen those. I've enjoyed watching your home evolve! You have lots of nice ideas and are not afraid of power tools. My kind of lady. Always a fan....Peggy

  4. Congrats on 5 years of blogging! I love that you shared all of these before and after photos. I LOVE your decorating style and love getting inspiration from everything you share!

  5. Oh my! Your "after" are amazing!!! Gorgeous home decor! Would love to have you at our link up party on Mondays on my blog please! Look forward to following your blog :)
    Kendra @ www,

  6. Looks like the whole house turned into something even more wonderful than it is before. Thanks for sharing.


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