Model Home Monday

Happy Monday ya'll! Ready for some eye candy? I loved this house...some of it :)...some of it not so much. It was a weird decorating deal, some of the rooms were beautiful, others were like a bedroom in a bag. So, I didn't include a few rooms just out of there being nothing special to them.

Here's the beaut of the house. The living room. I am so in love with this room. I love the neutral color scheme, and that cabinet. Ohhh that cabinet :)
neutral beachy living room design and decor ideas
 Here's the adjoining dining room. The table and chairs in here work so well. I love the columns on the table!
farmhouse table and dining room design
 And looky looky. A brand new model home with oak cabinets in the kitchen. Who would have thought? I was really surprised to see this...and this definitely did not go with the rest of the house. ..but the bar stools are neat :)
kitchen design ideas
The master bedroom...ahhh. How amazing would this be to wake up here every morning? My oh my. And the size is just perfect. 
bright and neutral bedroom design and decorating ideas
So perfect you can actual get a full size sofa and club chair in here. I love this idea...but in reality, this couch would be covered in clothes 90% of the time at my house...and probably a dog the other 10%.
bedroom design ideas with sitting area
This was one of the guest bathrooms. The dark subway tile is my fave :)
bathroom design ideas with brown subway tile
 One of the bedrooms was shown as a nursery. Not much to it here but I had to show you this awesome crib. I want this crib!
cute nursery decor ideas
 Another bedroom was set up from some girls. Love the headboards and floating butterflies.
shared bedroom ideas for girls
 Here's the downstairs family room.
family room design and decor ideas
 And thought you all would love this cabinet. How awesome is this! Love love love!
Grey faux apothecary cabinet
 Oh, and the entry way. This should be at the beginning but you see it as you leave too :) so, exit way. I like the size of this foyer and the size of the hall. Along with the size of that mirror :)
Entry way decorating ideas
Hope you enjoyed the tour and got some ideas or inspiration!

Building and in-house design team: Ivory Homes


  1. Thanks for sharing these model homes! Like you, I feel that some hit it out of the park while others aren't my bag, baby. Sure is fun to check it out, though! =)

  2. Love that living room too. It is stunning, I like the layout of the kitchen also, but I would have done different cabinets and used staggered cabinets. Thanks for the tour.

  3. Another model home with spool/Jenny Lind chairs! I'm obsessed with them! I think it's really interesting that they chose to do a nursery in this home - must be trying to hit a certain demographic.

  4. Just an fyi, some of the pictures on your favorite projects page don't link to the posts, but just take you to the pictures. The last 5 of the sewing section, the last 7 of building/diy, I think checking the last few of each section might be helpful when you have time to work on it!


happy DIYing! Alicia