Repurposed Basket Into Hanging Light

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In the process of redoing the guest room, I decided to freshen the 'office' part of it up with a new light. I really loved the coffee filter light I made awhile ago that was in here, but decided to go with a smaller, simpler light. Plus, I needed to bring in some brown to this side of the room to reflect the brown headboard.

So, I grabbed an old basket...
 So, first, I'm weird where I don't like to permanently dismantel things if I don't have to, so I try to find solutions to make things work without ruining them in the know, just in case I really want to use this basket as a basket again in the future :) So, to get 'rid' of the handles, instead of cutting them off, I just used some black thread and tied them to the inside of the basket and pulled the threads through the weave to make sure it was secure.
 Next was putting the hanging light piece through the basket. You can get these at Ikea for pretty cheap. It would have been ideal to just put it right through the middle, but the plug wouldn't fit through the middle hole, but it would fit through the side holes by it. So, as to not ruin the basket weave, I pulled it up through the side hole, then left some extra cord so I could bend it and pull it up through the middle hole. Then I took the plug and cord and pulled it through that loop. This made sure it hung straight still.
 And done! I really love the texture of the basket, and it looks super pretty at night.
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  1. Love the texture and character it adds, very nice.
    But I don't like the way I'm looking at my favorite wicker waste basket. lol

  2. I would have just cut if off and then would have been annoyed when I wanted to use it as a basket. Great thinking to just tie it under. Love the warmth that it brings to the space.

  3. Alicia, I love this! The basket has such great texture and the perfect shape. And I love that you didn't destroy the handles - keeps the door open if you change your mind later.


happy DIYing! Alicia