Monday, June 2, 2014

Guest Bedroom Reveal with Sherwin-Williams and a Giveaway!

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Guest room decorating ideas
So...let's talk about my guest bedroom. Again. It was beige. Beige, beige, beige. Sadly, at one point in time, I loved it. It actually looked really beautiful when I first decorated it to incorporate my office. But, it didn't stay like that for long. Only maybe a best. My office completely took over the whole space. My hidden shelves were still kept hidden, but all the stuff on the shelves got so full I had to start putting stuff on the ground, and that just built itself up into its own huge mess, so the curtains were bulging out. Ugh. It was just ridiculous. Plus, moving the full bed into this room and moving out the twin made it sooo cramped. Nothing was working in here anymore. My office obviously could not be contained, lol.
As you know, I've been working with Sherwin-Williams to paint this space and breath new life into it. When I started this process, I didn't think I was going to move anything, just paint and add a new headboard. That's it. But when it got down to it, I was completely overwhelmed and knew something had to be done about the clutter and junk. I seriously went in here like 10 times to organize it and put it in boxes, and 9 out of those 10 times, I left the room 5 minutes later, lol. It was that bad. I finally decided that I had to move the office out of the room. That was the only solution. I just had waaaay too much stuff packed into one space.

So, out went the shelves. Out went all the junk. And in went a breath of fresh air :) I didn't realize this room was this big. It became a perfect slate on which to start over.

I initially was going to paint this room SW 7006 Extra White using the color I found in the Sherwin-Williams Chip It!®
ChipIt! by Sherwin-Williams
 But then I decided that I was really liking the color combination of the yellows and blues and browns. So, I went out of my comfort zone...completely...and used some color on my walls. *Gasp* If you know me, and read this blog often, that is a HUGE thing.

Using the Color Visualizer paint tool, I had adjusted the SW 6956 Blue Refrain just a bit, and toned it down a bit to SW 6469 Dewy. I decided to go with the Harmony® paint line since it is zero VOC. It also helps reduce odors that are already in your house. Like our pup peeing in the corner of this room...a lot. It's ridiculous. Also, I knew the new headboard was going to stink quite a bit because of the stain, so this was definitely a plus for me. And since this is zero VOC, it is great for children and pregnant women. I really wish I had known about this stuff when I was painting the babe's nursery.   
Guest room decorating ideas
Not only that, but I only had to use two coats of paint on this. No primer. The coverage is amazing. And not to mention that the color is amazing also. 
Guest room decorating ideas -Dewy by Sherwin-Williams
I have to admit, I was seriously soooo nervous about painting these walls. I really actually love the beige, and how the molding pops off of it. It's a really pretty combo. I just had to keep telling myself that I CAN paint walls. It won't hurt me, lol. And plus, the whole rest of this house is beige with that same molding, so it's not like I was losing something. So, up went the paint. Up went the headboard. In came new accessories. And then I realized, that I really do like color on my walls :) This Dewy blue is just so perfect. It's like a sea breeze blue, really light and almost minty. It's just beautiful. 
Guest room decorating ideas -Dewy by Sherwin-Williams
So, let's see the before again.
And after:
Guest room decorating ideas -Dewy by Sherwin-Williams
Yes, it is still the same room. I am so happy that I moved the office out of here. So, happy. Now...all I have to do is reorganize my new office in the basement. That should be fun, lol.  

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