Model Home Monday {Beach House In The Mountains}

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This week's model house is simply beautiful. It is the quintessential beach house...just not at all close to the beach...thousands of feet above sea level actually. But if you look through the windows, just imagine the ocean waves and a pretty sandy beach and not tractors :) This was one of the houses that actually made me start thinking about moving. I love my house sooo much, but I would totally move out of my house to live in this one. Especially if they let me keep the furniture :)

Let's start in the kitchen and dining room. I love the bank of windows above the sink. I wouldn't usually go for the tile back splash, but it adds so much interest in here. The island is also calling my name :)
Beach dining room and kitchen decor ideas with two toned cabinets

 See those floors? The color is so perfect and beachy. Now if I can only talk the hubs into letting me do our house like that :)
two toned kitchen cabinets with grey and white
I can't imagine having 8 guests at this little table, but I really love the color and print combinations.
dining room decor ideas
 Check out this planked fireplace. Amazing! I also love how they flanked the fireplace with the mirrors and cabinets. And the pattern play in here is great.
beach living room decor ideas with planked fireplace
Alright, ready for this. This is where you can totally see where the beach is suppose to go...Wouldn't this house just be amazing on the beach?! Now besides all the openness and windows...check out the couch!
beach living room decor ideas
 I didn't notice this in the house until I was going through and editing the pictures, but most of the doorways have this little cut out in them. Not sure how I feel about these, reminds me of my high school..also reminds me of a horrible house we saw while house hunting that was a complete DIY project through and through...and DIY in a very bad way. Not a good way. They added these cutouts to every door with those glass squares. It was horrible. Anyway. I'm not sure how I feel about these in here.
But the mudroom is cute! Just a perfect place to put little shelves and hooks.
small mudroom organization ideas
I would die for this laundry room. How perfect is this? If my laundry room was even half this size I would be in heaven.
beachy laundry room decor ideas
 Check out this bench in the entry way. Isn't that to die for? Also, if you look at the floor, this is a perfect way to transition from a entryway to the rest of the house. The entryway wood planks are at a diagonal and meets the horizontal ones that floor through the rest of the rooms.
transition from entry way to hallway
 Alrighty. Here's the master bedroom. Super lax and beachy. And look at the planked ceiling. I love this detail!
beach master bedroom decor ideas with planked ceiling
 And I thought you all would appreciate this dresser.
Beachy master bedroom decor ideas
 Here's the master bathroom. I love these tiles in here again. I'm not sure if you can see through the mirror, but that's the shower that is tiled with wide, matte subway tile on the vertical. It was super cute and unique. And the sconces on the side of the mirror instead of above is a great detail.
Master bathroom decor ideas
 And looky what I found! Knotty Alder...or some sort of knotty wood...painted. And not just painted post installation, but actually installed like that. I love this. This gives me a great idea of how my cabinets will turn out if I paint them and kept some of the knots and cracks. What do you think? Do you like? Or would you fill the cracks?
painted knotty alder cabinets
 Up the stairs is the loft that made a perfect little hang out place for the kids. I would die to have a play room like this right now. I'm seriously running out of room for all the babes toys....running out of room aka running out of places to hide them all when people come over. :)
play room or TV room bright decor ideas
 I love the patterns and colors in this room. I would be sooo scared to add these all together in one room but they really work in here.
Guest room decor ideas
 And a cute little princes room. I have a feeling the babe's room is not far from looking like this. At least this is cute, right?
Big Girl Room Decor Ideas

So, what did you think? This was actually a bigger house than shown, I missed a bedroom, front room, and two bathrooms. I would love to live here just so I felt like I was waking up to the ocean everyday. It would be even better if there really was an ocean :)

Builder and designer: Edge Homes
Furniture by Four Chairs Furniture

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  1. Hi, Alicia! Thanks for the great tour, and yes, we'd ALL love to have a laundry room like that! Do you happen to know the paint name of that lovely light gray wall color? I think that might be just what I've been looking for for my home.
    Lillace Christianson


happy DIYing! Alicia