My Front Room Christmas Decor

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Red and White Christmas Decor
  I'm not sure what happened...the planets aligned, the space time continuum shifted...but, my husband let me decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving this year!! Well, he let me decorate one room ;) I guess it's about compromise...I'll take one room any day over nothing. I've been listening to Christmas music for the past two weeks and have been itching to get my Christmas stuff up, but he will not have it. I don't know what his problem is :)...good thing I love him lol.

Well, I figure since he let me decorate a room before Thanksgiving, I should share it with you all before Thanksgiving. We picked up this cute little shabby chic Christmas tree from Target the other day. I just loved how cute and sparse it the burlap base -who could pass up the burlap base? It was on sale for $100 but I had a few coupons and what not and got it for around $75. Probably could have spent a lot less to get a different tree in here, but I knew this would look so perfect.
Red and White Christmas Decor

Oh! And plus, this is the first time y'all get to look at my front room since the big switcheroo that happened this summer! Wow. I can't believe it's been that long and I haven't shown you this room yet. Which is really pathetic because it has been pretty much like this (minus the christmas decor) since the switch, but I just had nothing to put in the corner that the tree is in. So, I decided to make a cute console table. And I got half way done with it and it's been sitting in the garage ever since. That's like 4 months ever since :/ Yeah. Master of procrastination here :) So, really once this tree is gone, the room is back to be 'unfinished' in my eyes. Maybe I'll finish that table before that happens....maybe :)
DIY Jute Christmas Trees

I really love how cozy this room feels though. It really came together. At first, I was hating the way it looked but that was because I didn't have the right rug. Figures all you need to pull a room together is a rug. I did have just the two sheep skin rugs under the stumps...looked ridiculous. SO ridiculous lol. Then I found this cute Rug  at Target and boom! That's all it took to get this room looking decent.
Red and White Christmas Decor
don't mind the pup that is all of these pictures. He likes the spotlight...or he's just lazy ;)

As for the Christmas decor, I decided to add some texture in here with some pillows made from an old sweater (tutorial here). I super love this! I was going to save this sweater to make a stocking or two, but I'm so glad I made these instead.
DIY Sweater Pillow

The pine cones hanging are something I had made years ago for my stairs. But I thought they would look cute hanging over the pictures in here.
Pine cones hanging above pictures

And my chalkboard...I can't bring myself to erase the "welcome". I know I should go ahead and do it, but I'm afraid I'll never get it looking so cute :) I want to put Merry Christmas on it...we'll see if that ever happens lol.

The jute trees are ones I made years ago (tutorial here) and still love them, and they are holding up beautifully.
DIY Jute Christmas Tree and other christmas decorating ideas
I love how inviting this room is when you first walk in the door. I'm so glad I decided to decorate with a little red instead of all white like I did last year.
Red and White Christmas Decor

Now we'll see how the real tree in the living room goes. I'm sure the little babe will have a riot with those decorations lol. I can see it tree will probably be only half decorated :) Full on the top...empty on the bottom. Welcome to parenthood :) She's already had her way with the presents under this tree. You can't see it in the pictures, but the back corners are completely chewed off lol.
Kraft Paper and Jute Wrapped Presents

Well, that's a little glimpse into my home for Christmas this year...hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!!!
Christmas Decorating Ideas

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  1. Very beautiful! I love red at Christmas. Love the rug!

  2. So gorgeous!I love the touch of red. I have a white and gray room…maybe this year, I'll add a touch of red! Love the sweater pillow.


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