Thursday, May 2, 2013

Remove Hard Water Stains With Vinegar

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We have really hard water in our house. Like super bad. It has ruined all of our dishes and silverware, our nice knives, the faucets, the sinks, the shower, etc. etc. I know we should invest in a water softener, but we just haven't yet. So, we live with it. When guests come over, instead of using our best dishes, we do the whole red solo cup and plasticware thing :) It's wonderful lol. But really, it's just plain embarrassing how our dishes always look dirty. I have tried everything, and nothing seems to work. I even tried vinegar once, but that was putting a cup of it in the dishwasher. Didn't really do much. But....the vinegar I guess needs to be more potent because it really does work :)

I just took some vinegar I got from the store, put it in a cup and put my silverware in it. Left it there for a few seconds. Took them out and wiped them down.
 And tada!!! What a difference! I can't believe they look like this. I was seriously about to buy new silverware and really all it took was just a few seconds of being in vinegar.
 So, once I realized the vinegar had such a great effect on my silverware, I was wondering about a few other things. So I tried it on our cups. All I did for this was soak a towel in some vinegar and rub the cup with it. Then I rinsed the cup with some water. And! It worked too :) See the difference! Now you know why we did the whole red solo cup thing with guests :) They were nasty!
Another glaring spot in our kitchen encrusted with hard water stains is the fridge water dispenser. It was seriously caked on with white gunk. Once again, I just dipped a towel in some vinegar and rubbed it on the tray and voila!
Vinegar is seriously my new best friend! Is it bad that I'm so excited to clean the bathrooms now? lol. I can't wait to see our once brown water stops that are currently completely white :)

Another good thing? The hubs will stop cleaning our dishes with CLR. That stuff can't be good for you. I cringed every time he pulled it out. Vinegar is a much healthier choice :)