Easy No Sew Curtains

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 Hey all! We've been off adventuring over the past week. So, sorry I've been a little MIA. We took the little babe on her first adventure away from home...and her first really long road trip. I wasn't sure how it was going to go. I was a little nervous and pretty much just wanted to stay home. But luckily I have a great husband that forces me out of my comfort zone :) She did so well in the car ride! I was so surprised. She could care less that she was sitting there for hours. And let me tell you, car rides go a lot faster if you have a little one to stare at the whole time:) It was fun finally getting to play out in the sun (minimal sun of course). She loves it outside, it's fantastic. She squeals and talks at everything lol.
Can you believe this little bean is only three months old?? She's standing and holding her own weight already and sitting up like a pro. I'm just amazed....besides the fact that she is so big! She's almost 17 lbs already!
 While we were out in the heat and sun, we of course had to get her her first sunglasses too :) She loves these. Doesn't care that they are on her. We put them on, and she just giggles with excitement. It's the cutest thing ever :)
The vaca was much needed. I meant to bring my laptop to keep up on things, but totally forgot it...so it was a real vacation :) It was wonderful actually. It's amazing how wrapped up in technology you can get. On a sad note, I got a horrible bout of food poisoning the last day, so that kept me out of the loop for like 4 days. I didn't know it took that long for it to get out your body. It was horrible.

 I also have a fun little announcement to make. I decided to start another blog :) It's chronicling my way through motherhood. It's very new, so if you go visit it, beware :) I'm still in the process of getting it up and going, but I have started some posts. So now you can follow along with my confessions as a first time mom. It's call The Baby Files, just click here to go check it out and follow! or go to www.thebabyfiles.com.
Anyway. With all of this craziness, I'm just going to share a relatively simple project :)

I've been wanting to redecorate my bathroom for awhile now. But haven't. I have no excuse. I'm just lazy. lol. I wish I had earlier though because what a difference the color change has made.
Easy No-Sew Curtains

 First, we bought some blinds, which were much needed and practically 4 years too late. Just that alone made the biggest difference. But I wanted to soften the area with some curtains too..and not the ones that were up there. They were dark and heavy....I think I posted about them in one of my first posts, here. And I am ashamed to say, that post was about 3 years ago, and my bathtub/bathroom hasn't changed a bit since. It's been completely neglected. Yet, I'm in there all the time, so you would think I would want to keep it fresh and updated.

Alright. So back to the how-to on these no sew curtains. What you need:
Fabric-about 4 inches longer than what you need from your rod to the floor.
Stitch witchery (I just use the stuff that I always have left over from my Ikea curtains, or you can buy it by the fabric aisle)

For each panel, I cut in half along the fold from it being on the bolt. This gave me both equal width panels, and of course, the same length.
 Now, for each side, fold over and iron down about an inch of the fabric.
 I'm OCD, so I wanted my panels to match perfectly. So, on the second panel, I folded down the fabric to match where the design was folded down on the other fabric. Make sense? If you look below, you can see what I mean, especially if you look at the little circle type things. Those are both equidistant from the the fold on both panels.
I did this on all sides.
 I then got my stitch witchery, put it in the fold and ironed it in place. I did this to all the folds once again on each panel.
 In order to hang it, I took my rod and put it on the fabric and folded the fabric over it, about 3 inches or so. I then used some stitch witchery to secure the bottom inch or so in place so that the rod slides easily back and forth. I did this to the other panel.
 Now if you don't want to thread the rod through, you can use cafe clips to clip onto the fabric and then thread the clips onto the rod.

I got this fabric from Hobby Lobby. I seriously wish I had blinds for the past three years. I didn't realize how much brighter my bathroom would be.
No Sew curtains
 I have a few more ideas for this area, some of which I may or may not do depending on how it looks. You know how that goes, you have an idea in your head that can either be way awesome, or turn out completely weird. Well this is borderline weird already. So, we'll see lol.
Easy No Sew curtains
Have any fun vacation plans in your future? We'll be taking the little on her first plane trip in a bit. Anyway tips for that??? That's going to be a whole new experience on its own lol


  1. I love your no-sew drapes. They look beautiful and the pattern is lovely. Great tutorial.

  2. I love no sew curtains! Did some recently too. Best way to go! Yours are gorgeous and your little one is too cute for words!
    House on the Way

  3. The baby is adorable and I love the curtains! I've been wanting blinds & curtains in my living room since I've lived in my house (sadly for 2 years now, I'm a slacker). I could never find any that I liked in the store and since I am a beginner sewer and am intimidated by large bolts of fabric that I must feed through a machine...these are perfect!

  4. Love your new curtains!! And so easy to make!! That's my kind of project! Your baby girl is a doll, by the way!
    Selene @ Restoration Beauty

  5. cute curtains and adorable baby! New follower ;o) I came over from Six Sisters... Hope your weekend has been great! Emily @ Nap-Time Creations

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