Thursday, May 9, 2013

Cleaning Dog Hair Off Of Carpet

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We had the little babe's blessing this past week and of course that meant a lot of cleaning. More cleaning than I ever wanted to do lol. I guess it was a good thing though. I didn't realize how nasty some corners of my house got. Plus it got us going on the yard which was much needed :)

The only thing I want to change about my house (besides getting more closets) is getting hardwood. Anyone with dogs that shed will understand this. The amount of hair Max sheds could create another dog every week. It's insane. So, of course, I feel really really bad when people come over and get hair all over themselves. It's inevitable but I think for the most part family and friends have figured that out. So that's good. But still. It would be nice to get all the dog hair up instead of just seemingly pushing it further and further down into the carpet. I figure with hardwood floors, it would be so much easier to clean up :)

I figured out the best way to get hair off of a couch in this post. So, what's the best way to get it off of carpet? Believe me, vacuuming only does like 10% of the work. Maybe I need a new vacuum??? It picks up practically everything else, so I'm not sure. Anyway. I needed a lot more of this hair picked up than what the vacuum does. I found a good little idea on Pinterest and decided to try it.

I took an old squeegee that I bought forever ago and never used for anything. Not that that matters, but at least it came into good use :) I forgot I even had it lol. Then I started squeegeeing the carpet. Yup. Weird? Yes. But did it work?
Remove Dog Hair From Carpet
 You tell me! I did this after I vacuumed. And this was just a 10 inch radius area. Crazy huh??
Remove Dog Hair From Carpet
Disgusting too lol. I'm not sure about doing the whole house like this cuz that would just take forever, but doing the main areas of the house was totally doable. Maybe I should have kept all the hair and created another dog?? just kidding lol. Even though this worked, I still want hardwood floors though :)   Any other tips for getting dog hair off of stuff??