Thursday, March 21, 2013

Rosette Pillow Tutorial

Rosette Pillow Tutorial
 I've been wanting to brighten my living room and reference spring a little bit. I haven't been one to use bright colors....ever. But I figured, you know what, why not? I thought yellow would be the perfect thing for it, but can I tell you, it's rather hard finding just the right yellow that doesn't look funny :) Anyway. I found one. But it still reminds me of cooked egg yolks lol. I didn't just want to do a plain old yellow pillow, so I took a cue from one of the pillows I made years ago that I had a little rosette on and took it to the whole entire pillow. It did take some time to do, but it was totally worth it :)

Pillow cover (or follow tutorial below to make one)
1/2 to 1 yard of choice color fabric
Hot glue

Step 1: Cut your fabric into strips about 1/2 inch to an 1 inch wide. Doesn't matter if it's straight and perfect.
 Step 2: Pick a spot on your pillow cover to start your rosette. Place a dollop of hot glue there. Fold your fabric strip into itself and press onto glue.
 Step 3: Start twirling your fabric around your finger and move it around the center of your 'rosette' and glue into place every once in awhile.

Step 4: When your strip runs out, just glue the end into place...
 ...and start the new piece inside of it like you see below. Can hardly even tell :)
 Step 5: Keep going around the circle, twisting and gluing, twisting and gluing.

Step 6: When the rosette gets larger, you'll start running into edges. Just fold the edges back over itself and start the next row, as you see below:
Rosette Pillow Tutorial
 And hours later.... :) ..actually only about two or so. You'll have a beautiful rosette pillow!
Rosette Pillow Tutorial
I love the brightness this brought into my living room. For a yard of yellow fabric, I was able to make this rosette pillow and the pillow below on the left with the tiny rosettes. 
Rosette Pillow Tutorial
Here's a quick tutorial on how to make your own pillow cover. I have my super easy 10 minute pillow cover (click here) that uses the same fabric on both the back and front. But sometimes you only have a little bit of fabric and you don't have enough to use it on the back. This is when this tutorial comes in. All you need is your piece of fabric, cut it to 18 inches square and a piece of muslin that is 18x24 inches (the 24 inches can be a few inches longer if you want). If your pillow form is super plush, you may want to add an inch or two so instead of 18 inches do 19 inches. I like my pillows to be pretty full looking so I make the cases a bit smaller. This case covers an 18 inch pillow.

Cut the muslin in half and fold down one 18 inch edge on each piece and stitch into place. The fold should be about 1 inch wide.
Now place one piece of the muslin face side down (raw edge up) onto the top of the other fabric (face side up) so both faces are touching each other. Have the edges and corners lined up.
 Now place the other piece of muslin on the top (raw edge up). Line it up with the edges of the other fabric, it will overlap the muslin already on there.
 Pin into place and stitch around all edges about a half inch allowance.
 Turn inside out. Voila! Easy peasy.
Since I didn't want to spend more time making another complete rosette pillow, I just added some small rosettes onto this yellow pillow.
Rosette Pillow Tutorial
Love the new color in the room :) Makes me happy ...and really wishing it wasn't 30 degrees outside :(

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