Customizable Storage Table..or Closet

customizable storage table
 I said this once and I'll probably say it many more times, but the plans I use to create most of my tables are the best :) You can customize it to whatever size you want. So, when I came across this problem in my bedroom:

I knew I had to do something about it. You see, my sweet babe has now moved her nursery into my bedroom :) She hasn't spent a single night in her nursery yet and well, her nursery isn't even close to being near our bedroom. So of course, all of her clothes have ended up finding a place in the corner of our room. It was a little worse than that, sadly....that was after I 'repurposed' my coffee table (that I made here) there. At least that gave me a little more storage...aka...places to put crap :)

I then started realizing that folded clothes are no good. She's into three month clothes now so when I start to dress her sometimes, they don't fit. What the heck! Well, apparently not all three month clothes are made the same. I can't say I didn't know this...cuz I do. I bought a four pack of onesies..and within that four pack, two of them are like 3 inches shorter than the other two. For reals??? Anyway....Well, I was sick of wanting to put on the cute clothes I was dying for her to wear to only find out they didn't fit anymore and that she'll never wear them. I knew that if I hung them up, I could see which were the shorter ones and the ones that I should have her wear before the other longer ones. Yes, she has a closet in her nursery, but I didn't want to truck all the way there and back just to change her; and yes, we have a closet in our room., but it's completely packed to the next best thing? Bring her closet to her!...or, build a closet for her :)

So, using the plans and steps I did in this post about the sofa table....and this post about the cottage side table...and this post about the bench...and this post about the entry get my drift...I made her her very own closet...or storage table.
Customizable Table Plans

Using the same idea as the above mentioned plans, I just changed it up a bit. I kept the legs the same.
Secure a 1x2 to a 1x3 into a 90 degree angle. Do that 4 times for 4 legs. Then secure two of them together with a 1x4 on top, do the same with the other side. Now secure the two sets of legs with a longer 1x4 on both sides. (check above mentioned posts for more clarification if need be).

But now I wanted to add some shelves. I knew how tall I wanted the first one to be since it needed to fit her clothes and not have them brush the bottom of it too much. So I measured about 26 inches down from the top. This will give her enough room for her 6 month clothes, and after that...well, she better be sleeping in her nursery cuz there's no way she's still going to be sleeping in our room and fitting in her bassinet :) The bottom shelf just needed to be big enough for some baskets, I didn't make it a complete science, I just picked a good number and measured it 3 inches from the bottom and 9 inches from the top shelf.  I secured a 1x2 on each set of legs at each of these marks.
 Now to save money, I decided to use some 1x4s to make the shelves instead of a single larger piece of wood. I just screwed each piece onto the top of the 1x2. Not the prettiest, but the quickest :) If you want it prettier, just cut the 1x4s three inches less and make the tops flush with the 1x2 top and secure from underneath with an angled screw.
 I did this with both shelves.
 And then...once again, to save money...and well since the 1x12 I did have wasn't wide enough, I used two 1x6s and a 1x3 for the top. I made a 4 inch over hang on each side. Oh and just an fyi, I determined the width of the table by the size of the clothes hangers. They measured 12 inches, so I needed the width to be a little over 12 inches in order to hide the hanging clothes.
customizable storage table
 So, for the exact measurements, it is: 38.5 inches high, 13.5 inches deep and 36 inches long.

Next I painted it white. I was going to stain it...but the hubs told me I should paint it white instead...I was like...."wwwwhhhhaaaaaaattt????" I never..ever..thought those words would come out of his mouth. lol He gives me such a hard time for keeping everything so bright and white. Who knew?? lol.

 So, first things first, once it was all dried, I put a tension rod in the  top portion and hung all her clothes up (no I did not try to space these evenly. I guess I subconsciously have OCD...well except for the last three..those aren't perfect lol)
moveable baby closet
 Then I added a tension rod to the outside and sewed up a quick curtain for it out of linen.
moveable baby closet
 I also put a hanger on the outside piece to hang a blanket or a towel, or whatever it ends up being at the given time :)
customizable storage table
 This is much better...and cleaner....than how it was before. I just wish I didn't waste so much time not making it.....maybe she would have worn a few more pieces of clothing :) oh well. lol. You live, you learn.

So the top is for all her clothes, and the bottom I'm using to store some blankets and other random items of clothing.
customizable storage table
 I'm sure the hubs appreciates the bedroom not being taken over by a baby and making it look like clothes threw up everywhere....heck, even I appreciate it :)
The best thing is being able to close it whenever and hide everything.
customizable storage table
 On a related note, my sweet babe is two months old! Holy cow how does time fly by so quick??


  1. This is so cute :) I love organization <3

    xo Ashley

  2. Brilliant idea - would love it if you would share this at the Baby Shower linky party, Alice @ Mums Make Lists

  3. Very cute and practical. Great job.

  4. Great, great job!! I love everything you did!! Very creative!

    rhonda :-)

  5. You are a genius. I pretty much had this problem with all 7 of my babies. I actually never had a nursery either, so you'd think I'd have been more desperate to figure something out, but I guess I was too tired! lol You are amazing. I'm blown away at how your mind works for problems. I love seeing what you come up with next! Thanks for sharing.



happy DIYing! Alicia