Custom Built Entry Table

I’ve often wanted a cute little foyer right off my entry way. One where I could put a nice little bench or settee. One that would have so much room that I could pretty much make a little sitting room out of it…you know the kind, right? I hope I’m not alone in this.
Like, say a place for a cute little Grande Piano?
Or this…….?
Yes, I know. I’m dreaming.

Well, at least I've been blessed to have an entry way at all, one that does have somewhat of its own space, albeit, small, but still its own space.
It wasn’t functional at all…just the longest place in the house to throw a ball down for the Max-dog to go fetch….then inevitably go crashing into the door and wall or stair rail, or whatever he saw fit at the moment.
I always wanted to have some sort of table in there, but really? It is soooo small, and then Max wouldn’t be able to fit in there anymore and his ball would be eternally lost……just kidding –being a little dramatic. But truthfully, any table I found was either too big this way or two wide that way. It had to be exact measurements….custom built.
Then, my lightbulb moment. I get those a lot…..a little late usually. But better late than never: I am a capable women with power tools and a home depot ten minutes away! Duh!!!

So, as most of you have already seen…, its no surprise …This is what I came up with:
Okay. So to get to that point (I warn you, this process is going to be rough for I forgot to take pictures of a lot of steps. But hopefully, you are like me and can look at something and figure out how to do it Jand if you aren't, I am so sorry)
Two 1x2s (straighter the better)
Two 1x3s (ditto above)
Two 1x4s
1x9 board – I just used some left over particle board that I bought as scrap. It was waaaay cheap. Like $1 cheap.
Wood glue
White Caulk
Wood filler
Drill and screws (1 ½ inch -2 inch)
Miter saw
….I think that’s it. Lol

Okay. First step. Put a cute little pink towel on the ground because its too cold to work in the basement and you don’t want to ruin your tile. And lets be honest, a pink towel is always better than some dingy ol’drop cloth anyway J
Next – (I guess this would go before the first, cuz you should have your wood cut already) But, using your miter saw, cut the 4 pieces both of the 1x2 and 1x3 to the same length. I think mine were cut to 37”, but don’t shoot me if I’m wrong. You can make this whatever height you want. Shorter, taller, whatever.

Next- get your wood glue and secure one piece of the 1x2 to the top of a 1x3 (see picture above). Make sure its flush. I know that you should use clamps here, but I didn’t and it stayed strong -use your own discretion. Now do this to all 4 pieces of the 1x2s and 1x3s. This will create your legs. After the wood glue is dried, countersink two or three screws on each leg – I did one on top and one on the bottom.
Next- get your 1x4 (cut to the length that you want x 2 –one for each side. Mine was about 20 inches or so – it just has to be a few inches shorter than your top piece of wood). Connect this to two of the legs (1x3 side facing down). Use wood glue to secure, and then screw in.
Do this same process to the other two legs and other long piece of 1x4.
Next –Now, take one set of ‘legs’. Cut two more pieces of your 1x4 for the top sides. Since my top piece was a 1x9, I cut these to a little under 5inches. This allowed for a small bit of hang over for the top piece plus the ¾ inch width on four boards (two on each side) which equaled about an extra 4 inches.
Now secure those pieces to the top next to the other 1x4. Make sure its flush on the edges.
Next – Cut two pieces of 1x3 at the same small length (a little under 5 inches). Mark a spot on the bottom part of the leg equidistance on both sides. Secure these pieces (see picture above)
Next – Get your other ‘set of legs’ and secure to other piece. Screwing in the 1x4s and 1x3s.
Next – Cut another long piece of 1x3. This should measure 1 ½ inches shorter than your longer 1x4. Screw the short ends into the bottom 1x3 piece on each side.
Next – attach top! Countersink a screw into each corner; make sure you are going into the base wood below.
Next – Fill in countersunk holes will wood puddy. Sand. Paint to your little hearts desire! I painted mine white - obviously.

Next – Attach molding. I attached mine with some wood glue. If your top piece is thick enough to hold a nail, nail your molding in by all means. Its much less of a headache. Mine wasn’t thick enough. But the wood glue works well, you just have to clamp it or stand there and hold it in place!
Next – Use white caulk to fill in ugly seams and paint another top coat!
Now that I was pretty much done, I wanted to add a pizzazz to it. So I used LandeeLu’s tutorial and put it to work on my table. Using my level as a ruler, I made sure it was pretty lined up on each side, and got to work outlining.
Taped it off, and started stenciling!
And after a long night ……. J and a good amount of work. It was finally done!
And now I have somewhat of a ‘functional’ entryway. At least I have a place to put mail now J
And yes….before anyone wonders….I know that I'm asking for it by putting glass on the table where my dog runs chasing balls and slamming into goodness knows what. But…its been a week, and the bottles are still there J Cross your fingers!!!
Here's a view from somewhat low for those of you who want to build this:
and a better pic somewhat not low for those of you who don't care. lol
Not my 500 square foot grand foyer by any means....
but I still love it!
The best thing about this table is that you can change the measurements on almost any piece of it and have it become what you want. This was essentially what I used to make the bench in my bedroom, I just added a few extra feet here and there and made a little shorter and less wide top!...oh and of course, added the much needed molding.


  1. It's perfect! And the stenciling is a great touch!

  2. AWESOME! I LOVE the DIY part of it all, and it is so clean and simple, and elegant, especially with the design on the top! Beautiful!

    Also... I totally get what you mean... power tools are so empowering for us women, huh!

  3. hiya , fab table and great tutorial too , ps i loce your mirrors x tfs

  4. I love this design, I did it for my painted rug and just did a pillow with the same stencil! Looks fabulous!

  5. I love your stencil, great job! So the mirrors.

    What is the frame above the entrance, is metal?


  6. Great job on the table! Thanks for the tutorial...I think I could actually do it! yay! LOVE the stencil too!!

  7. Darling I just made my own entry table. Love the design on the top. Cute blog.

  8. Love the new entry table. The stencil is super cute.

  9. I'm always wondering what to do with the small odd spaces I have. I love this tall skinny table. so great. thanks for sharing!


  10. Ok.. so I thought I might be the only person in the whole world that is so perfectionist and careless at the same time.. but nope. There she is another one, and with great sense of humor. I am in the process of buying a house... and I hate to say now that I am looking at all your stuff I can't wait to get my house... If I do I will do 1 or 2 things that you posted or like 23 of them... same thing

  11. Placement is important. Adjusting to a new piece of furniture takes some time. If at all possible, set up your new console table away from high-traffic areas for a few days until you get used to having a new piece of furniture.

  12. What is the wall paint color?

  13. Yes, yes! Please tell us the wall paint color and brand! I need to copy all of this! It is so beautiful. We have a tiny little entryway as well.


happy DIYing! Alicia