One Thrifty Chick

Happy happy Friday folks!
This week just flew right on by didn't it?
Trust me...I'm not complainingJ The closer we get to summer, the better!

So, here are my loves....not necessarily in order, but close to itJ
My husband, my Max-dog, fabric, pillows, candles, molding, and hiding ugly things J

Which leads us to this Friday's One Thrifty Chick!

Stephanie from Full of Great Ideas!

No, she's not my husband, she may have a Max-dog although I'm not sure. I'm sure she loooves fabric, pillows, and candles....cuz, lets me honest, don't we all?

But one thing is for sure! She can use molding like no one else to cover up ugly things!
aka...a flat screen t.v. hanging precariously on a wall.

Doesn't this look awesome?!
I don't have my flat screen hanging on a wall....but it sure makes me want to J

Check out her tutorial here. Its amazing what a little molding can do!



  1. Wow. I love that tutorial you linked to on the flat screen. that is just awesome and Thanks so much for linking that.

  2. Hola Alicia, cuantas ideas hermosas , cuantas artesanias y manualidades para decoración ese rinconcito querido de nuestra casa.
    Desde hoy cuentas con una seguidora más.
    Desde SALTA, ARGENTINA te dejo un barazo GRACIELA

  3. This is so cool. I'm inspired to frame our flat screen.


happy DIYing! Alicia