Home for the holidays: Christmas Mantel

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My mantel this year has changed twice already. Not big changes, but it's barely even December....so.... We'll see how long this one stays :) As I said previously, the brown stockings were throwing me off, but I found a solution :) Here's my mantel and living room just a few days ago:
White christmas decor
 And below''s my mantel today. I noticed going through pictures that my mantel was pretty much the same as last years. Almost dead on. I don't really know how that happened because I didn't remember my mantel at all last year lol. Figures. I guess I get something in my head and my subconscious keeps it in there. So since it was pretty much last years mantel, I had to change up a few things.
diy christmas mantel

 First off was the wreath which I will do a tutorial on later this week. I love the double wreath look and didn't want to leave it, so I compromised and changed the middle wreath up a bit :)
Christmas Wreath
Next on the bill to change were the stockings. I love the brown stockings, but I only had three of them. And well, since there's soon to four in our family, I figured I needed to change them :) Perfect reason to change them huh?? Now I have five of these. So, my family can grow one more and we'll be good! And of course, they are white :) There is another tutorial I have up my sleeves for this one that I will share with you soon.
White Christmas Mantel
 As for the rest of the decor, I wanted to keep it neutral. Browns, whites and silvers. The deer of course are silver and I found as a steal two years ago after Christmas. I think they were like $5 for all three. The glass bottles are holding clear ball garland stems (what else would you call those?? lol). The glass  vase on the right are holding white and silver glass ball ornaments. I got the garland stems and poinsettias that are around the deer at Hobby Lobby last year. I tied in the brown of the wreath with the top of the stockings, which tie into the pillows on the couch. Got all my bases covered ;)
Neutral Christmas Mantel
 The hubs isn't so sure about the wreath lol. Figures. I'm not sure I'm sold quite yet also :) It's very...frilly?? But I do love the whole look of the room now with these added touches!
White Christmas Living Room Decor

Anybody else ever get caught decorating the same way year to year without meaning to or noticing??? lol. I guess when you like something, you like something :)


  1. I have to say that I loved the brown stockings but the new stockings are just perfect! I get caught decorating the same way all the time. This year is different tho, I'm trying to change things up a bit.....red, white and brown? We'll see how it goes. ;) Can't wait to see your wreath tutorial!

  2. I love the double wreath! It makes everything look more substantial. Very simple and pretty and I love the color scheme!

  3. This is amazing!! The room was gorgeous before, but now...

  4. Gorgeous Christmas decorations! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Love the color pallet!

    xo Ashley

  6. So beautiful! Would love if you came by the mantel party to link up!!
    The party is happening now!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  7. I love you and your beautiful spirit! Thank you for sharing with us and inspiring me to create again. It's been awhile! Happy Holidays:)


happy DIYing! Alicia