Living Room Updates

Today, you will get a peak into my mind...somewhat. I hope its not too scary :)

Since it was a day ending in 'y', I figured it was about time to change things up again. lol. I kid, I kid....although, I do change things up too often. Anyway. I had a great opportunity come up that made me pretty much change up some things around my living room. Not too big of changes, but small enough ones that make me feel like I did something :)

Here's my living room from just last week. I'm not sure what I was thinking with the
white living room
And here's my living room this week:
neutral living room
 Yes. I moved the striped burlap curtains back in. I can't make up my mind where I want them. I might just have to make another pair so I can have them both in my front room and my living room :) a little excessive? Maybe...maybe not. So, besides the curtains, I swapped out my rug. I loved the one in there originally, but I've been wanting to put this jute rug in here for so so so....long :) But, its a jute rug...hasn't been completely 'softened' it hurts besides the fact that it collects crap like nonother. So, because of those reasons, it was under my dining room table for awhile. Which worked, loved it there too. But, I wanted to see what it would like in here, so I moved it...of course. And I love it. I hate sitting on it. I hate laying on it. I hate stepping on it. Max hates laying on it. I hate the crap it collects. But for some silly reason I still love it. Figures, right? Now the only thing that might make me move it back is that my dining room now looks nekked. Or maybe that's just another reason to buy another jute rug?? Excessive? Yes. lol.

Are you getting that feel for my mind yet? lol. Okay, so next was to move my stumps apart. Love them moved apart. Max gets stuck in the middle of them all the time now, but besides that, they are perfect. Now here's my problem, I move the jute rug back to the dining room then I have to move the stumps back together because the other rug is too small :( Oh the decisions. Plus, I love the way the jute sits perfectly under the couch and chairs. Love It.

I also switched up the pillows. Just moved them around a little bit, brought down my burlap ruffled one from my guest room was burlap and would tie in with the jute and burlap curtains perfectly.

burlap curtains
 Plus the jute rug blends in nicely and gives that beach-esque feeling without being too theme-e? (themey? themie? lol, I don't know, you know what I mean though) Oh. and those orchids. $10 at Smiths. That's a banging deal for orchids in case you care to get some yourself :)

I think the next step in this living room is to find another layout of furniture. Its kind of hard though. I really have no whole wall in there as you can see from the pictures. So the TV has to go in the alcove to the left of the fireplace. Which is great, it fits perfectly. But then if I move the couch over to where the chairs are, then there is no way to watch it comfortably...or even see it. Believe me, I have tried...but the hubs was not having any of it. So, back it went. Maybe I need a smaller couch. Then I could play around with the layout more. .... hmmm. :) lol

I was looking throw my archive photos and found this in there:
brown living room
 Holy Hannah! Yes, that was my living room. I would say.....3 years ago? I guess the old brown is the new white in my book :) I loved brown back then. lol.
Here's my living room now again so you can see the difference without scrolling up:
white living room
It's amazing how much tastes change, huh? You can see more befores of my living room in this post I did last year here...which...many things have changed even since then. Like, namely, the big eyesore of a fireplace surround :)
cute entry way
So, next is the wonderful little entry way I redid last week. I used to have a bundle of dark sticks in the corner. That lasted for about 4 days. Then I had an 'aha!' moment and moved this table there instead. ....which I love. so of course...the hubs hates. What is with that?? good grief. Anyway. What do you all think? Does it look awkward? Is it too big? Does it stick out too much? I need honest opinions :) .....although I have to warn you...I really really like it, my opinion holds like a million fold ;) lol.

I'm also thinking of adding in a little rug here. Something with some fun pattern similar to this:
entry way rug
What do you think? Too much pattern on pattern? Those diamond tiles drive my nuts! First thing to go when we get hardwood. lol.

Now that you see how my mind works, you may understand a little bit more as to why I change things up. Mainly. I'm indecisive. Simply put. lol
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  1. I definitely prefer the new pillows a bit to the old and I'm always a fan of minimalistic white designs. I love the table near the entry way although I would bump into it and just pile stuff all over it!

  2. I love your new pillows. And I definitely a fan of all the white you have going on in there. It feels very fresh and breezy.

  3. I love love love it! I love how bright it is, the striped curtains are perfect and I love the white tree stumps. It is beautiful.

  4. I love the table there. Although in our house it would hold keys, phones and junk in about 2 seconds flat!

  5. What a difference, love the "new" look! Thanks for sharing the way a room can look by changing a few accessories in a room.

  6. I love the striped curtains in the living, I vote for making yourself a second pair. And the table looks great next to the door :)

  7. Love the before / after pics. Super love the white table where it is. Husbands get used to things :). But def need to get rid of that tile! Hardwood fits you so much better.

  8. The table looks cute! I wish that I had more of a foyer to decorate. However, if I did have a table like that I don't think that we would ever see the table. Paper, phones, mail, etc. ends up all over our house!!

  9. Hi Alicia! I agree that the table looks nice next to the door. I like the rug too! Anyways, I am at work and not wanting to work so I decided to update myself on blog posts.

  10. I know I have told you this before but I'm gonna tell you again, Your home is gorgeous!I think I see why your husband doesn't like that table in the corner by the door, looks like when someone walks in the door they could accidently trip over the leg of it. Just a suggestion, the table that has the orchid on it in the corner of the living room could trade places with it ;)

  11. Oh my gosh, we are going to get along SO GOOD! I move things around SO MUCH TOO! I can never be happy with something..ok, just kidding I am happy, but then it gets boring and so I have to move things around! Around like 100 x's ... my husband thinks I am crazy...maybe I am! Your new room looks great, bright pretty clean fresh loving the burlap- that jute rug,... get out it is PERFECT! your pillows- everything! And yes, i SO agree with the way your hallway looks into that room...just looks perfect together! That white table by your door- is Adorable ..your husband is missing out on that little cutie patootie! I like the rug- I do. I think it would look nice there, a good pop of color! Oh Crap, I am so excited to see what you do- your blog is SO SO AMAZING! Love you style..ok.. enough of my writing a book! :)

  12. You like to move tings around? I think you are right where you should be then ;) I think all of us crazy bloggers have "moveitamilliontimesitis". The pillows look great, the curtains perfect and the jute rug is fantastic there. Not sure what it looks like where you stole them from, but, they look super fab now!! And so does the gallery wall =)

    Just a friendly tip;

  13. LOVE LOVE your design style!! It looks great!

  14. Alica,
    I read your blog a lot not sure if I've ever commented before, but I read this and thought I should share. You were talking about rearranging. I don't know if you like this idea or not but what about putting the T.V. over the mantel and there is a tutorial that I've found that you can make a frame for your T.v. so it actually looks like a picture is hanging on the wall.. it's just a thought.
    Here's that link
    , I found it on pinterest. Also, I agree with Jeanine too, it may be the leg sticking out? Anyway, Just some thoughts. I do love your home and how nice it looks! Keep up the blogs!

  15. These small changes made a great-looking room spectacular. The difference in the pillow switch is really an eye opener and I will remember how much a difference keeping the "tone" of pillows in the room balanced. The striped curtains look so good there.

    This room is swell. I see you even turned the necks of the gourds on the corner table another direction and that is a nice tweak too. Congrats and thanks for showing how later editing polishes a room to an even higher level.

  16. Stumbled on your blog from House of Hepworths. Love your style! The changes to the living room are amazing. As for the jute rug comfort factor, is there any way to add another small, thin rug to the center of the jute one? Maybe something that mimics one of the colors in your pillows, possibly the gray. Then you would have bit more comfort but still retain the look of the jute along the perimeter? Is that complete nonsense? I love the idea of the table in the entryway but in reality the legs bother me. I picture someone tripping or bumping into it and them and everything else flying! If the base and legs were a bit more compact, I would love it. The patterned rug would be interesting, it might actually draw attention away from the diamond tile. (Which I honestly don't mind all that much) I'm curious to see what you decide to do. Even if you do nothing, it looks fantastic!


happy DIYing! Alicia