Thursday, June 23, 2011

Living Room Re-do: Complete! (for now)

My husband will be happy to know this :) lol.

You all have the seen the slow journey of transforming my living room, even though you may or may not know it. I've always had two split decorating styles in my head. One was Tuscan, and one was clean crisp and bright. I tried to incorporate the two when decorating my house, so I used dark browns, reds, mustard yellows, and burnt oranges, but it was still clean and crisp and very welcoming...or at least it was for me.
Once the holidays were over, I was getting a big itch to change up everything....but I really didn't want to spend any money, cuz it definitely was not a need, and if I spent a ton of money....I knew I would hear it from the hubs.
But, luckily, the main bank buster (not really...but you know, little things add up), were two chairs from Ikea....that my family got me for Christmas :) Score! No money out of my pocket :)

And it all snowballed from there. :)

Throughout this process, as I've said before, I was so stinkin' grateful that I didn't listen to myself, or my husband, and paint the walls. They of course would have been dark, faux Venetian type stuff to go with the Tuscan theme. But now instead, they are still their beautiful light tan/beige color that I have come to love and adore :)

The next thing to go was the rug. We had this rug since we got married. The scale of it was great for our small apartment, but it was definitely telling a different story in our huge new house....and well, it was just boring and plain.

The new rug was my biggest splurge at about $100. I don't decorate with much pattern, and I knew the room called for some, so the rug was perfect!
And of so plush, it's Max's fave spot to lay now :)
I got this rug at Home Fabrics, but I've also seen it at Target for $120.

Next step in the process was taking down the curtains and sprucing up some old ones. You can find the process here. I also use my tried and true method of sewing up so new pillow covers in light blues and whites. 
Next was putting in the shelves in our weird alcove. This was the second largest cost at $40 but made  one of the biggest differences in the room.
Of course I changed up some accessories a bit to add to the new scheme.
The last thing on my list was to change up the coffee table.
I really really love the old coffee table.
Truly, doing this was like one of those moments of crazy anxiety. I really want to do this? Like really really? But we love it so much. Why change something we love so much? You know what I'm talking about, right?? Please say yes. lol.
Anyway. Then I had to remind myself that its easy to change back. Its not like I'm throwing the table away.
So, I changed our old table to our new 'table'. Which cost me $12. Not bad, eh?
And another few new uses for these tables??? They are perfect to sit on! And....don't tell my guests this, although I do clean them, I totally use them as steps for working out. They are the perfect height to give your butt the right kind of  'burn'. lol :)

As I'm looking at this picture below, I'm thinking of all the more things I can do to make this living room that much better :) I guess its true that I can never be satisfied with how it is :) But believe me! I'm getting close :)

Next to go will be our side tables. I'll be making some new ones hopefully soon :) And possibly some board and batten, but that will be a ways waywayway down the road...I have get some (excuse me) cajones to do this first. lol. And of course send my husband on a month long hunting trip or else I think he might just have a heart attack.
I absolutely love where this space is now compared to where it came from. Yes, I know...the 'before' wasn't bad but it wasn't me. This is me :)

Here's another before of the living room:
And an after of the before:

And now the true after!

So, all in all, the total cost of this has been under $160.
Amazing huh?
I think the best money saving decorating tip that everyone should follow is keeping your furniture neutral. This would have cost me boat loads more money if I had an orange or pink couch to begin with, you know? With neutrals, its so easy to change the cheaper things to accommodate your current decorating taste or even the season.