Refreshing the Front Room

book display
 So, as you would expect..if you know me...I changed up my front room again :) lol. It started with the need to transfer the striped burlap curtains in there. I loved them in my living room, but then I needed to purchases longer curtains for the front room since I used the burlap curtains that were in there to make the striped curtains. And well. I didn't want to purchase any more curtains. So I kept the original white ones in the living room and moved the striped ones back in here.
white living room
 And, I decided to move my knock off Ballard garden district mirrors in here also. I just wasn't loving the way they were looking in my dining room. Too much white on white. They fit fantastically in here, flanking the french doors.
neutral front room
 Next was to put a little decor on the wall since I moved the wooden sunburst mirror that was in there into my dining room to make up for the ballard mirrors that moved :). I made this other sunburst mirror, but when I put it up there, it didn't look quite right. It was too small. I contemplating adding more rays but decided not too...mainly cuz I ran out of posterboard to make more rays out of :) I'll show you the how to in a follow up post soon.
sunburst mirror
 I knew I needed something to flank the mirror to balance the white space below it. But they sure don't make it easy finding pencil lamps anywhere. I mean, I needed these lamps to be skinny skinny in order to fit on my little make shift sofa table back there.

Well, then I figured, why not use my fail safe and put some bottles up there? They aren't quite what I wanted, but a good second choice. I got these bottles at hobby lobby for around $2-$4 each.

Here's the before before before.....probably many my front room. As I said, it has had many many iterations :) Although, sadly, this still isn't the first before....can't seem to find that picture..
front room
 And the updated front room:::
beach living room
It's fun seeing how much a room comes along throughout time isn't it? We'll see how long this one lasts. lol :) All the pillows were also updated and recovered using these tutorials: Puckered pillow. Ruffle Pillow. Ten Minute Pillow Cover.

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  1. Wow, great job. Do you still have that light fixture up? It's pretty, but doesn't seem like overhead would give the right kind of lighting to that room. I be you primarly use the lamp for light at night? I love the room, but if it were mine I'd put a light natural colored/texture paddle fan (maybe bamboo?) to tie it togehter with the burlap on the curtains and the bamboo vase. I think it would add to your fresh and airy look. Just a suggestion.

    Thanks for the inspiration, I absolutely love the curtains!

  2. Gorgeous! The striped curtains look great in this room. I'm gonna have to go check those bottles out at Hobby Lobby! ;) I love your sectional, where did you get it? What material is it made of?

  3. I love your room. It's so beautiful and fresh! The curtains are just perfect. Megan

  4. Very nice! And I love how you shopped your own house for most of it.

  5. You have created a beautiful space, relaxing and pretty! Love stalking your blog :) Tanya

  6. I just discovered your blog and wanted to publicly state how much I adore the striped curtains. LOVE. ~ Karen

  7. Gorgeous! I have that same iron finial that you have above your door. I dream of an all white space but, alas, I have a dog and three little boys so I don't think its in my future for another 18 years or so! I'm coveting those curtains tough...I think I can pull them off!

    Visiting from House of Hepworths,

    Melissa @


happy DIYing! Alicia