Guest Room Inspiration

So I have an idea for our guest bedroom. I told my husband what I wanted to do since it'll be a transitional room guest bedroom to nursery...eventually.
He freaked out.
I told him I wanted to do paint it grey. Then do white board and batten on the bottom.
Then I can change the accent color easily, boy...girl...guest. ect.
He then told me that our kid would grow up to be some kind of punk kid being in a grey nursery. I don't know how that has anything to do with what color his/her nursery was, but in his head, it make sense.
So, since he obviously can't imagine it like I do, pictures are the best way to get him going with the plan :)
So, here's a collection of inspiration photos for our now guest bedroom....easily to be changed into a nursery.
Enjoy :)

Not grey, but I love the grandeur of the chair and window coverings in relation to the bed size.

this is still probably considered grey :) oh well.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Haha, your husband sounds a little bit like mine. Except mine doesn't *get it* with inspirational pictures. Until something is painted and dry, he really doesn't get the vision. It's kinda a lot of pressure for me to make sure we are both going to like something!

  2. Well, if you need to convince your hubby of grey paint, just let him know that grey is the best colour to paint nurseries as it calms babies and keeps them from crying! It's true. Problem solved!

  3. We just did the opposite in our room. It was originally the nursery and we had put in a chair rail with two-toned color. Now it's our master bedroom and we installed faux board and batten under the chair rail and painted it white. Above we did green. I LOVE it. I say go for it GI Joe.
    My hubby just smiles and nods. Unless I was trying to get away with hot pink or something, otherwise, he doesn't care.

  4. We just did the same thing but in our entryway/living room. We did two different shades of gray (well greige really). Anew Gray and Mega Greige both from SW. And we did a board and batten wainscoting along the bottom of the entry way and one wall in the living room. The Anew gray was the top color on the board and batten walls and the Mega Greige was on the 3 walls in the living room that didnt have B&B. I absolutely love it!!!! My hubby was the exact same way though. When I told him I wanted to nail boards on the wall he thought I'd lost it! :) Go for it, its absolutely beautiful.

  5. Grey for guest room looks perfect and I am sure you'll change it into a nursery well.

  6. i love grey paint especially elephant breath by farrow and ball. i love the pictures you chose for inspiration xxx


happy DIYing! Alicia