Drawer Knob Necklace Hanger

I have a love hate relationship with my jewelry. I love to wear it, but hate finding places to put it. Currently, all my necklaces have found themselves draped over a lamp in our bedroom. Its not a pretty site considering how many necklaces I have.
I made a jewelry organizer a year or so back, but sadly, have yet to use it at all. It's found itself in a pile on the floor in my office.
I decided that I need something cute and simple, where I can hang how ever many necklaces I want on it and it still looks somewhat stylish.
Hopefully, I've accomplished just that.
This project was super simple, and cost about $10.
What you will need:
Drawer pulls/knobs -how ever many you want
Some wood - I was thinking this might look awesome with some reclaimed wood and silver knobs :)
Measuring tape
Drill with countersink bit
First thing I did was paint the wood. I picked a linen white for mine from Glidden.
 After the paint is dry, turn the wood over and mark the very middle. I drew a line down the middle of mine just to make it easier. I then went 4 inches off the middle mark on both sides, and marked an intersecting line from there.
 Next is to drill the holes on your intersecting marks. I used my countersink drill bit, its smaller on the tip and gets bigger as you go up. You'll see why you need to countersink it soon.
 If you insert the knob into the hole you just drilled, you'll see that it sticks out quite a ways. Obviously this isn't going to work if you want to hang it on the wall. So, mark the spot on the knob where it is going to be flush with the wood. Pull it out.
 And use your Dremel to cut at that mark. Make sure you use the correct Dremel attachment for this. I used a reinforced disk made for cutting metal. This goes through the metal lickity split. Oh, and wear your safety glasses :) Just for good measure.
 Once you screw the cut knob back into the wood, you'll see there's enough room from your countersink hole that you can now attached the nut. I screwed this on using some needle nose pliers.
And don't forget (like I did) to fasten your wall hanger on before you put the knobs on. It'll make it much easier. lol
 And there you have it! 
Functional artwork :)

 I found these knobs at Hobby Lobby on sale for $2.50 each.
Oh, and the one by my house has a lot of their knobs on clearance for way cheaper than that :) So keep an eye out!
I think that I may actually use this organizer :) But sadly, I have enough necklaces to make ten of these. 
I better get working on some more. lol


  1. I love this idea. I have mine hanging off push pins on the wall behind my door. This would look so much nicer! :)

  2. Very pretty and love the simple steps. I also need to create a better place for my jewelry. Right now they are hanging on tie hooks. Convenient, yes, but not appealing to look at:)

  3. supper cute! i wish my room was nice enough to put something like this in it but...someday!


  4. Thanks so much for posting this! Great tut! I have an extremely similar project I'm working on and we were trying to figure out how to cut down the screws. THANK YOU!!


happy DIYing! Alicia