Perfume Tower

I'm in the middle of declutterizing....scratch mind wants me to be in the middle of declutterizing although its becoming a slow ...very slow....process.
First step was to actually get the laundry folded. I'll wash the laundry, but once the dryer rings...that's about where my motivation stops.
I have been known to keep clean clothes piled up in a basket, or two...or three J  in the corner of our room, heaped on top of the chair for at least two weeks...okay, I'm being honest...4 weeks. But who's really counting anyway?
And of course, it just keeps getting added to every time  I do another load. It makes me laugh when I go through my husband's drawers and they are literally empty. Then he says he doesn't have any clean clothes. Then I tell him to stop whining and fold the laundry and he'll have clean clothes galore J
Never happens.
It would stay there for a year if it were up to him...he'd just go and buy new socks and shirts when he ran out.
Men J

Okay. Well I folded the laundry.
Now I have two more new loads to fold, but we won't talk about that.
So, while I was putting away all our clothes in the closet, I realized what a pain in the butt it was to have all my perfumes and sprays on top of the dresser. Literally, lines and lines of them...and then if I slammed the drawer to dominos effect. Not fun.
Or when I accidentally moved two inches of a shirt sleeve by them...dominos.
Well. Dumb situations make you search for solutions.
So, I found one. J
Its the whole idea of getting more real estate by building up...taking up less of a footprint...and taking away the game of dominos I play every time I use my dresser J

This was really easy to do, especially if you have a nail gun.
First thing to do, create a box with 3 sides of 1x4 and the bottom with a 1x3. Make sure to check your square. 
Next step, I used one of my tallest bottles to make sure I had the right height, then secured a 1x3 to the bottom of it. 
I did the same thing for the next shelf. 
Now that you have your shelve heights, its time to put on the 'lip'. I used a 1x2, placing it down on the 1x3 and securing it. I did this to each shelf. 

Since you used a 1x4 for the top piece, you won't need to add a 1x2, obviously. But you can add decorative trim if you want J

Now, get a piece of plywood or particle board, cut to the size of your box (I would do this first before you start building. I actually took the dimensions of the plywood and made the box from that).
Cover the plywood with whatever you want. I chose this fabric I found at hoblob. Staple it on. 
Paint the shelves.
And then secure them together using your nailgun -or just nails, or screws...although this project will whizz by if you use the nail gun.

Sadly, this is not even half of my fragrances. I should have built it a little wider and taller J
I have a gazillion flowers and miles of ribbon, so I have to use them whenever I get a chance J
And no, this is not an advertisement for Victoria's Secret (and Burberry), although it may look like one.
They just have great body sprays!
Oh and their Heavenly perfume....mmmm. One of my faves. 
I love making something that will keep me from pulling my hair out, don't you?

On a side note, look at what I woke up to this morning... 
Good grief, don't you just want to hug his face right off ???


  1. Looks great! I love the fabric on the back!

  2. Too funny. I HATE folding clothes. I have two loads of adult clothing, one load of whites, one load of little girl clothes and one load of kitchen towels calling my name right now. UGH!!!

    The little shelf turned out really cute. Love the fabric.

  3. Alicia, This is a GREAT diy project, I may have to try it...and yes....that photo of your guy is too too cute :)

  4. So great, and you can put all things there. Fantastic! Love the background.


  5. It's adorable! What a great idea.. I wish I had that many perfume to have to worry about that:) And I hear you about the laundry.. I'm the worst!

  6. What a great idea! I love the fabric!

  7. so pretty I love it. Isn't Euphoria amazing? Great job. winks-jen

  8. that's a great idea! i have all mine hidden away, and i refuse to buy any more until i use what i have! i love the backing paper you used on this, it's super cute and chic.

  9. Love this -- what a great job you did on this! And the dog -- well YES, that IS a face you'd just love to hug right off!!!

  10. Wow! This turned out great. Your efforts did not go wasted:)

  11. OMG, I LOVE it! I'm totally going to try and get the hubs to help make me one of these. Love that fabric choice too!

  12. Phew...glad to know I'm not the only one with piles of folded laundry sitting around for weeks. Laundry and putting away clothes is my achilles heel. If the hubby would allow it I swear I would pay someone to do my laundry:) This perfume tower is very chic, would look good hanging up on a bathroom wall as well!

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  14. I am in love with this and your whole blog! I will definitely be back for more visits! I found your blog through a link party and had to stay! I am your newest follower and would love it if you would check out my blog and follow me too! thanks!

  15. This looks great! It really shows off the perfume bottles and looks so pretty :)

  16. Very cute-what a great idea!

  17. This is a great project! It looks so easy! Thanks for sharing!

  18. I love to play Mexican Train (a multi-person domino game, but I hate to pick stuff up over and over. What a great solution and I'm impressed that you made it by yourself. I'm a klutzy and would probably end up in ER if I used a nail gun. lol


happy DIYing! Alicia