Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Decorative Terracotta

Hey hey! Guess what! This is like the first two days in a row that it hasn't rained/snowed in about a month or two. Amazing huh? I didn't know it could happen. So, now thats it June. ....holy cow! It's really June, already! That means we only have 6 more months until Christmas! That's painful to think of J

Okay. Well, now thats its June (and I'll attempt to stick to just one subject), I've actually be able to do some....SOME...outdoors things. This 'some' does not include our chicken coop. Its been almost six weeks now, and we still aren't done. Darn weather! Ugh. But I am starting to plant more and more things although my attempt to finish our landscaping (and coop) is meager.

We've been wanting some beautiful Italian Cypresses for awhile now, but apparently they don't do so well in our wonderful climate. So, then we thought of the dwarf Italian Cypresses. These are perfect to shape into little winding towers and what not. But still the problem of our climate. I don't want to plant something and have it die on me year later...or heck, even a month or week later....which I'm totally proned to, I'm like the black plague to plants. And these babies aren't cheap. So, I've been very reluctant to get them.

Then we found some baby Italian Cypresses for $5 each. Couldn't pass up the deal. We figured we could prune and shape them as they get older...and try to keep them down to size....and to solve the 'climate' issue ....Just pot them and bring them in during the crazy weather aka winter/spring/fall/half of summer apprarently....
These terracotta pots were only $5 too. Which is perfect cuz I'm not sure how fast these cypresses grow and when they'll need a bigger pot. That's the number one reason why I didn't go out and buy two $50 pots to begin with.
But......then we need to address the ugly issue.
These are just not quite the look we are going
I took some vinyl and cut out a design using my Cricut and placed it carefully on the pot. 
Then used some Oil Rubbed Bronze spraypaint and got to work. I made sure to cover the whole outside of the pot (obviously) and the inside rim about three inches in. 
Once the paint was completely dry...I peeled the vinyl off and got these babies! 

I know I've accomplished something good when the hubs says, "wow, those look really good". When before he insisted on not buying terracotta and going for the more 'elaborate' ones, and then raising his nose at me when I bought the terracotta J  like he's too good for terracotta or something (lol. just joking babe) 
I'm hoping these pots last a little bit cuz I'm not too excited to go to bigger ones. These are 12" pots...and $5. The 14" pots cost $15. Whats up with that?? If thats the case...I'll probably just buy some nice expensive ones J  I say that....but we all know its totally not true. lol.

Happy June Y'all!!!