One Thrifty Chick

Its Friday already! Holy moly, boy how the week goes by fast!
I'm not sure how much fun crafting or decorating stuff I'll be getting done anytime soon.
According to our HOA I have one week to get our sprinklers in, sod in, bushes planted, trees planted, and best of all, rv pad cemented. Hmmm...probably not going to happen??? No, Definitely not going to happen :) Especially if the weather keeps up the way it has. Out of the past 50 days, we have had 32 of them rainy..and the forecast is bleak.
Oh and our chicks are growing at a crazy massive most of my free time is going to be decorating building their coop...that is, if the rain ever lets up :) You know how some people believe that another flood is going to come tomorrow and wipe away the earth?....well, lets just say, I'm starting to think they are on to something.

Anyway! Lets get on with today's One Thrifty Chick!!

Chris from Us And Them made these awesome curtains from some sheets and paint. 
Yes... I said sheets and paint.
Wow. What a statement piece these make! This project is definitely going into my to-do pile cuz I'm getting very very bored of a few of the curtains in my house.
The total cost for these curtains came in under $20! Thats five dollars a panel y'all. Good luck at finding that good of a price anywhere else!

Thank you Chris for your inspiration!

And stay tune for my next post on how to reupholster a chair!

Have a great weekend!!


  1. Wow, that's a lot of planting and digging to get sprinkers and sod and plants all done in one week. Just tell the HOA to hold on, when the rain stops you will be all over it. Good luck. Hugs, Marty

  2. That sure is a lot to get try to get done especially with all that rain! Maybe the world will flood and the HOA will float away??? lol Thanks for featuring my painted curtains! Chris


happy DIYing! Alicia